roomsXML, in conjunction with the Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation, is holding information sessions on a new campaign designed to encourage change in Papua New Guinea.

The Senism Pasin Campaign translate to ‘change your ways’ exposes international visitors to the outdated cultural attitudes towards women in the South Pacific nation.

Here are five reasons you’ll want to attend the Senism Pasin Campaign and PNG Tribal Ventures launch at the roomsXML office:


1. We’re not selling a product


It’s is not about selling product but about hosting an open forum about emerging tourism opportunities in Papua New Guinea. Your host for the evening includes GT Bustin from Tribal Ventures, a Tribal Foundation initiative who has over a decade’s experience in creating unique adventures in PNG. His links run deep into business, government and local ground suppliers. He is keen to connect everyone

2. There’ll be free food

PNG Mark Luckey

Like all roomsXML events, it is fully catered, a proper dinner with accompanying drinks brought to you at your seat. Your time is valuable and we know that.


3. Free screening of Senisim Pasin


The evening is a screening of Senisim Pasin – Change Your Ways, a documentary specially designed to change thinking and cultural attitudes about how women are valued in Papua New Guinea. As well as giving of view into some of the challenges that PNG faces, it provides a deeper insight to the rugged beauty of Papua New Guinea that organisations like the Tribal Foundation, through such initiatives are desperate to expose to the world whilst preserving their beauty.


4. More attendees equals more roomsXML donations

PNG 5 Mark Luckey

roomsXML will donate $100 towards tribal ventures and Senism Pasin for EVERY representative from the travel industry who attends. It’s an important message we want to get out there.


5. Networking opportunities

PNG 3 Mark Luckey

Not only will there be other Travel Agents present but a number of other tour companies. It’s a great way to network and learn about other product offerings out there


If your group or agency is looking to create unique product offerings, gain a first mover advantage on a destination on our doorstep, this is the night for you. A night to meet, greet, mingle and share, make some links and grow some opportunities.

We are limiting attendance to this event for 40 people; 40 people who will walk away with full tummies, warmed hearts and are mind full of exciting opportunities.

The event will be held at roomsXML Hawthorn on 30 August. Arrive any time 5:30 pm onwards, formal presentation will be done by 7.30pm.

To register your interest please email [email protected]

Will you attend the campaign launch?