Inbound Destination Management Company, Buffalo Tours has released an inspirational free Responsible Travel Guide for Asia – Made just for you.

Most of us us don’t know where to start when it comes to travelling more responsibly.

All too often, it all feels too hard.

Thankfully, Buffalo Tours have got us all covered with a free 29 page downloadable eBook that’s full of easy to follow travel tips.

There’s also a list of the qualified camps and profiles on various organisations that Buffalo Tours believe set the bar for responsible and sustainable projects in Asia.


It’s about the little things, like smiling for example

“Perhaps the biggest misconception about responsible travel is that it’s hard to do. Those two little words mean big things – but that doesn’t mean you have to be an activist to change lives through travel. Even the smallest changes to your itinerary can transform how it impacts local communities, wildlife and the environment.”

Buffalo Tours

Core to Buffalo Tours DNA is a responsible travel policy practiced across the company and visible in every aspect of their touring products.

From greener offices and transport options, to collaboration with local NGOs and ambitious wildlife protection projects, Buffalo Tours are committed to pushing themselves and inspiring travellers to take larger steps towards a more sustainable tourism industry.


They also use their own blog to share their responsible travel advice and success stories online with the eBook being an extension of that content.

Their hope is that that the guide will become a tool for education, inspiration and real action for both those working in the tourism industry and travellers themselves.

Download the eBook for free here and share this story with your friends.

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