Terrorism’s ultimate motive is to spread fear and divide people, religions and cultures. As a media outlet it is all too easy to unwittingly help their cause by reporting on every incident in the name of ‘Journalism’.

So today we’ve made the decision to say ‘no more’ to reporting on terrorism and unwittingly helping to spread fear and particularly people’s propensity to travel because of it.

We’re not The BBC, The Guardian or Reuters. There are enough quality media outlets globally like those prestigious organisations already doing a sterling job of reporting the facts we need to know to make educated and informed travel decisions.

Sadly, there are also plenty more who use these tragic events as an opportunity to sensationalise every single graphic detail in the name of boosting ‘click bait’ readership and ad dollars.

The most recent despicable attack on Manchester is a classic example.

Of course the targeting cookies are at work as this screen shot below is taken from my own laptop, but it’s unlikely that Jetstar will be happy to see their ads serving against the headline of ‘There were body parts everywhere’.

It’s not Jetstar’s fault. But it’s hardly a driver to travel anywhere, let alone get on a plane.


Given Jetstar only launched their massive 13th birthday ‘Free return seat’ sale campaign today there will be many thousands more people in Australia and beyond who will be getting the same negative experience.

The same goes for poor Anantara, though at least the reporting is slightly more tasteful.


It’s not really helping the travel cause is it? Or any positive cause for that matter.

So here’s the deal.

From today, KarryOn will not mention any terrorist organisations name, nor publicise details of any incidents, worldwide.

What we will focus on are useful travel updates and information to help the industry continue to operate as well as informing travellers themselves with a different perspective.

Even more crucially, we’ll focus on telling the many incredible human stories that always shine brightly above any kind of adversity.


The town of Gander in Canada

Stories like this legendary one about the little town of ‘Gander’ and what happened on 9/11 in America. A story that is still being told and no doubt will continue to do so forever more. Because it’s remarkable.

As I write, and as a fellow northerner who grew up not far away from Manchester, my thoughts are with the great people of the city and all those who have tragically been affected.

It’s night time there and already there are amazing stories coming out of the city such as hotels gifting beds, the nearby Holiday Inn taking in numerous children who have been separated from their parents, a hashtag #roomsformanchester that’s being used tonight by people to offer rooms for the stranded, taxi drivers turning off meters and landlords who have re-opened pubs to take in as many people as they can.

People responding, lending a hand, doing whatever they can.

In troubled times, these are the real stories we can all relate to and the ones that will beat evil every time.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.