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Project Karma – The Australian Travel Industry Unites

Derryn Hinch, Rachel Griffiths, Jas Rawlinson and the Australian Travel Industry all have something in common; They want it to stop.

Derryn Hinch, Rachel Griffiths, Jas Rawlinson and the Australian Travel Industry all have something in common; They want it to stop.


Key players in the Australian travel industry, backed by political and media have bonded together to help protect the most underprivileged of the vulnerable.

The Australian Travel Industry has been instrumental in helping Glen Hulley (Project Karma Founder) disrupt child trafficking Asia and beyond.


Project Karma went mainstream last weekend, trending as the number 1 article on (Jas Rawlinson did a great video follow up here.) Read the article all the way.

On August 5th 2016 and Derryn Hinch spoke at length on a discussion around Revocation of passports of convicted child sex offenders, a key part of his political platform, driven by the passion and motivation from meeting Glen in March 2016 and a hand written note from Rachel Griffiths.


“The work that Project Karma does in Asia to protect children at risk is beyond measure, and we are grateful to be given the opportunity to help Glen Hulley continue this work”.

Michael Gazal, Executive General Manager – Travel Managers

TM helped Glen extensively through logistics and the odd free airfare to capture convicted Australian pedophile Peter Walbran who was back teaching science in a Thai school.

But Glen needed cash. Mid 2015 and Matt Leedham is chatting to Jo Palmer from Gate7 whose massive donation to got them up and running.

“Great to connect with our other travel industry partners helping make a difference. Proud to be a part of a group that cares.”

Jo Palmer, Managing Director – Gate7


Glen Hulley (Project Karma) & Jo Palmer (Gate7) on a recent office visit

Earlier in 2015, KarryOn Founder Matt Leedham met with Glen at roomsXML HQ in Melbourne for a strategic workshop which amongst other things identified collaborators, directors and Karry On’s commitment to raising awareness through a whole stack of donated advertising.

“If you spent just five minutes of your life listening to any of the countless horrific stories that Glen has had to bear, I don’t think you’d consider yourself a human being if you didn’t do something to help.”

Matt Leedham, Founder – KarryOn

By mid 2014, Glen had finished trying to beat me up – he’d had a fair crack at it through 2013 and 2014 as we competed against each other in martial arts which is where we originally met. The record was 2:1 In his favour but a strong friendship for both of us.


Glen’s Karma story began in 2013 when a Cambodian trafficker “Offered me a girl that must have been five years old. That night stuck with me.”

Glen came home and project Karma began

The travel industry should take pride. Whilst OTA’s are trying to cut people, namely travel agents, out of the industry, the Travel industry continues to open its heart to support the most vulnerable from around the world.

You won’t get that from a website.

So check out the news story here.

See what Derryn and Rachel Griffiths had to say.

Watch the video here.

Before you finish, why not head over to and see what you can do to help.