Can you imagine the joy across the faces of your parents as you tell them that you’re giving them a holiday overseas – flights, accommodation & tour included?

Flight Centre’s Emina Hodzic doesn’t have to imagine because she saw their estatic reactions last year, when she won them a free trip from Insight Vacations.

Emina was last year’s inaugural winner of Insight’s Pay Back Your Parents incentive, and although a year has passed since the exciting reveal, she told KARRYON that her parents are still ever grateful.

In a Q&A, the Travel Advisor said that aside from grandchildren, travel was the best gift she could have given her parents because it’s a special way to make memories and experience new things.

“My parents got the opportunity to travel to some incredible places, some of which they never would of thought of visiting and the memories they’ve made they’ll remember forever.”

Emina Hodzic, Flight Centre

Travel Advisors have the chance the follow Emina as the second winner of the Pay Back Your Parents incentive by clicking here & entering the competition. Insight Vacations EXCLUSIVELY revealed to KARRYON that consultants have extra time enter this year with the deadline extended to 15 January 2019.

“This will give plenty of time to capture some footage of your parents over the Christmas break,” Insight said. “Get those entries in! Everyone’s role models deserve a trip like this!”

Read on for our full chat with Emina:


Congratulations on winning such thoughtful presents, how did your parents react?


Thank you! My parents were shocked initially, it took a little bit of time for it to sink in. After the shock wore off, it was an exciting time for them, planning their trip through Insight Vacations, which was a breeze.


Are they still grateful?


Most definitely. We were just talking about it this past weekend, on what an amazing opportunity it was. My dad wants me to enter again! Haha.


Have your siblings managed to give a better gift since?

Insight Vacations 3

Well, my brother claims that he gave them grandchildren which trumps my gift. The debate is still on.


How are you planning to top it for Christmas this year?

I don’t think that is possible. This year my presence will be their Christmas present ;).


Where did your parents end up going?


My parents ended up doing the Spectacular Scandinavia and its Fjords trip which went to Copenhagen, Sweden and Norway. It was a 16-day itinerary, cruising around the three countries.


What was their favourite part?


Their highlight was definitely Norway, exploring the Fjords, Glaciers, lakeside towns and eating one mean moose burger! They also loved cruising around Denmark and exploring Nyhavn. Mum got really excited to be standing in front of Princess Mary’s Palace in Copenhagen as well. I must have had to take 50 photos of her there.


Why was it so important for you to win such a gift?


I got really excited about this gift as it was an honour to provide them with a trip of a lifetime. They worked hard to build incredible lives for both my brother and I so it was really the least I could do for them.


In your opinion, why is the gift of travel the greatest gift someone could give?


My parents got the opportunity to travel to some incredible places, some of which they never would of thought of visiting and the memories they’ve made they’ll remember forever.


What advice would you give to those hoping to win a trip for their parents this year?

Just do it. Tell the tale of why your special nominee or nominees deserve the trip of a lifetime. What have you got to lose?


What’s next on your bucket list?


Image: Jakub Gorajek/Unsplash

Where do I even begin with my bucket list!?

Next up is a trip to Death Valley in California for a camping trip. We are staying in a tiny home on wheels, surrounded by the desert fields and starry nights. I cannot wait.


If you could give your parents a trip anywhere, where would it be?