KARRYON COMMUNITY: Meet Caroline Cameron, Travel Counsellor

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

Each day we aim to inspire, educate and entertain the travel industry. Our community is spread far and wide across the country and even the world.

We decided it would be fun to get to know our community better and learn about the diverse lives you lead.

Here’s our chat with KARRYON reader and Travel Counsellor Caroline Cameron on what it’s like to work remotely to having a cat as a client.


Where in Australia are you based and how long have you lived there?


I am Travel Counsellor based in Smiths Lake 20 minutes South of Forster on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

I have lived in the area for 4 years but, I have been coming here on holidays my entire life. I fell in love with the area as a child and convinced my husband to make the sea change.

Luckily, I am in an industry that has the flexibility to work from home and remotely.

What is a typical workday like for you?


I start my day with a walk along Bluey’s Beach with my Toy Poodle Bernie we often bump into clients and talk about their upcoming holidays while walking the length of the beach.

Mornings are spent preparing travel documents for customers that I hand deliver and reading industry publications like KARRYON.

I keep things informal with my clients and we meet everywhere from the hairdressers to their home, cafes and walking along the beach either to consult or to deliver documents or to just catch-up on their recent trip.

In the afternoon’s I watch TC TV (Travel Counsellors TV) via Skype. TC TV keeps my inbox from overflowing and keeps me connected with my colleagues all around Australia.

When I first started working from home I thought I would feel isolated, but I speak to somebody from around the country at least once a day. There is always somebody that you can bounce ideas off.

Late in the afternoon I work on quotes and make changes as required.

I am involved in our Pacific Palms View Club and once a month I attend meetings. I have met some amazing women in my community through the View Club. Tonight is curry night. We raise money for The Smith Family Learning for Life.

Where is the weirdest destination anyone has ever wanted you to send them?

Last year I was asked to fly a much-loved Cat from Perth to Port Macquarie. I am an animal lover and loved reuniting Paige the Cat with her fur parents in Port Macquarie. We are still in touch.

What’s the most unusual question a client has ever asked?

“Will my tent fit in the overhead locker of a Jetstar flight (client was on a budget and an avid camper).” Brilliant.

What do you love most about working in the Travel Industry?


I love that no two days are ever the same and each trip I plan I learn more about each destination. Technology allows me the flexibility to work in an industry that I love and keep connected with the rest of the world.


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