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Let’s meet wife, mum and business owner Mel Williams who has been working as a Travel Counsellor for the past year and loving every moment of it.


First off, could you give a little introduction as to who you are and what got you started working as a Travel Counsellor


I’ve been working in the travel industry since 2009, although I did take some time off to have my 3 boys. I worked as a home-based agent while I had my first son but fell pregnant with twins and had to hang up my travel boots for a short time.

I really missed this industry and wanted to get back into it and then I ran into a fellow Travel Counsellor at a party and she reminded of this great company.
It was a year ago that I started my journey as a Travel Counsellor, running my own travel business and have loved every moment (even the hard ones).

As a self-confessed control freak and mother of three boys (who are all very close in age!), organisation and being in charge is something I thrive on. Setting my own goals and creating my own ideas for my business excites me.


Where in Australia are you based and how long have you lived there?

I’m based in Brisbane, Queensland and I’ve lived here most of my life. Both my husband and I have lived and travelled in many parts of the world and we still think Brisbane has the best weather around.


What is a typical work day like for you?


My typical day is quite an unusual work day. With three young boys it normally starts very early. The flexibility of being the business owner means I can make lunches, take my son to school and spend time with my two youngest boys in the mornings. My emails are actioned/sorted in the morning (once the chaos settles).

I generally sit down at my desk around 11.30am and do a couple of hours work and then in the evenings as well. My clients know that I may have kids around and are sometimes even happy to say hi.

This year will be a little different as my youngest two go to kindy. This frees up a few days to sit down with clients and consult with them. I’m super excited for what this year holds.


Where is the weirdest destination anyone has ever wanted you to send them?

I have a lot of corporate clients, so I’m used to sending people to a lot of travel destinations. One place that does stick out from the rest is I had some clients who LOVED the Twilight movies, SO much so that they wanted to get to Forks in Washington state, USA.

It’s not an easy place to get to, well off the beaten track, but they were desperate to see it and picture some of those scenes from the movies. After they returned, they gave me all the Twilight DVD’s to say thank you. It did look like a beautiful place to visit.


What’s the most unusual question a client has ever asked?

Old notebook, compass, map, vintage binoculars, photo camera on

I am a nerd

I do get asked some interesting questions regularly, but I like to think most people ask unusual and weird questions just because each person and trip is different.

I know I like to know some weird and wonderful things, so I just embrace them all.


What do you love most about working in the Travel Industry?

Travvelloer Counsellor

I just love travel in every aspect. So, helping people get to plan and book their dream holidays or helping my clients business travel run smoother, It give me lots of satisfaction.

I love that I get opportunities to travel with my family and friends.


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