KARRYON FLYING: The Industry's newest airline soon to take flight

Australia's #1 travel industry media publication KARRYON has today shared plans of its latest disruption – launching an airline called 'KARRYON FLYING'.

Australia’s #1 travel industry media publication KARRYON has today shared plans of its latest disruption – launching an airline called ‘KARRYON FLYING’.

According to insider sources at KARRYON’S Sydney headquarters, the airline will endeavour to facilitate the ‘travel industry in the sky’ and offer charter flights for every industry occasion including conferences, buzz nights, awards and VIP fam trips.

KARRYON FLYING (Code KO) plans to commence its operation with a Boeing Dreamliner 787:9 based at Coolangatta’s Gold Coast Airport, with an extremely optimistic view to adding more aircraft to the fleet in the coming years.

With the tagline ‘The airline of the travel industry’, KARRYON FLYING is on a mission to upgrade everyone in the industry’s inflight experience to something ‘out of this world’.

Welcome aboard legends!

You may have seen this design before…

The custom built aircraft will reportedly be fitted out with a multi-purpose ‘conference in the clouds’ space that doubles up as a ‘nightclub in the sky’ featuring a chic champagne and cocktail bar, wall to wall digital screens, a zero-gravity DJ deck and ‘mile high’ dance podiums.

The one and only Pam Ann

The ‘High on altitude, zero any attitude’ cabin crew will wear pink and black with celebrity flight attendant ‘Pam Ann’ reportedly having been asked to lead the crew.

Snoop Dogg is also rumoured to have been approached for a cameo pilot role given his 2004 ‘Soul Plane’ movie performance as Captain Antoine Mack.

All of the aircrafts 200 leather ‘lazyboy and girl’ seats will convert into comfy flatbeds with the aircraft galleys to be designed as ‘pop up’ food stations for eating on the fly.

Rumours of Burrito monarchs Guzman and Gomez, alongside Chur Burger and Sumo Salad joining have all been tossed around, but as yet no-one has spilt the beans on any more details.

A Burrito themed galley?

Get comfy lazyboys and girls…

Zero Gravity DJ’s

Speaking about the proposed plans, KARRYON Founder Matt Leedham said;

“People in the industry are always asking us about ideas and possible venues for events, and given there seem to be more awards, conferences and fam trips than ever before; we thought – why not combine the venue and the transportation in one, up at 35,000 feet? Admittedly, we don’t know a single thing about running an airline, but how hard can it be? One thing’s for sure; it’ll certainly be a LOT of fun anyway”.

Despite the viral hype and excitement the airline has already whipped up within the industry, insider sources say the airline’s inaugural flight “could still be years away” and in all honesty will “probably never take off”, and followed on by saying, “But gee, it was one helluva awesome brainstorm at the pub last Friday anyway”.

Sources also said that KARRYON FLYING is “in no way” related to concept airline ‘Boganaire’ which was also speculated to join the airline stakes based on the Gold Coast as reported last year.

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