KarryOn to launch Travel Industry only private island resort

KarryOn has today announced plans to build a ‘One of a kind’ private island resort that would become the Australian Travel Industry’ tropical playground.

KarryOn has today announced plans to build a ‘One of a kind’ private island resort that would become the Australian Travel Industry’ tropical playground.

According to KarryOn Founder, Matt Leedham, the proposed “dream” resort concept aims to create “A safe haven for battle weary travel industry professionals to work, rest and play far away from the stresses and strains of daily travel industry life”.


One of the resorts ‘Pod like’ Luxury Condo’s

Part-all inclusive luxury resort, part Ibiza night club, Conference centre, Ashram and Betty Ford Clinic; the resort will cater for up to 2000 travel professionals at a time in an environment where “living the travel industry dream” is the mantra.

The Shopping Mall, set to look like Changi Airport

The Shopping Mall, set to look like ‘a bit like’ Changi Airport

Describing the resort concept, Mr Leedham said;

“It’s going to hopefully be a lot like the 70’s TV Show ‘Fantasy Island’. You’ll fly in on a seaplane and be welcomed on the beach by smokin’ hot barefoot people with Lei’s, cocktails and a name tag lanyard that will give you access to all that your heart desires”.

“The only rule is that you have to wear fancy dress and never tell ANYONE who you work for. In fact don’t talk about work at all. This is all about relaxing and having fun so any talk about KPI’s, new brochures, airlines, ATAS, or Wholesalers and commission rates won’t be tolerated.”

With it’s own luxury mega yacht, helicopter, submarine and state of the art shopping mall as well as an array of swim up pool bars, buffets and a troop of Gordon Ramsay trained ‘butler/chef monkeys’, the KarryOn resort aims to create an adult playground for everyone in the industry.


An artist impression of the KarryOn Luxury Yacht

“We’re also planning for the resort to have its own industry retirement home for those that never want to leave (like, ever), as well as time-share luxury condo’s to buy or rent out on Airbnb. Naturally Richard Branson has already bought the biggest Condo off the plan”. Said Mr Leedham.

Self-driveable, electric ‘KarryOn Karts’ will be the preferred mode of transport around the island with an annual Island Formula One race planned to rival that of the Monaco Grand Prix and Super Mario Karts.


The Ibiza styled ‘Just KarryOn’ club will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week functioning as a ‘day club, night club, don’t care what time of day it is at all club’ with regular international DJ’s, foam parties and awards nights. There will also be private rooms for Karaoke, Trannie Bingo and Travel Trivia.


The proposed night/day club will be a bit like ‘Space’ in Ibiza. Sort of.

Talk of the hosting the popular TV Show series ‘I’m a Travel Agent get me out of here’ on the island is also “A real possibility.” Said Mr Leedham.

At this stage the resort doesn’t have a proposed opening date nor location, though Queensland, Thailand and The Phillipines have all been earmarked as potential options.

Start up budget airline ‘Boganaire’ have reportedly shown interest in flying to the island, though Mr Leedham said he would prefer “A more established and actually legitimate airline” to service the route.

“All we need now to get going is an island, around AUD$200 billion in cash and a whole load of luck and good fortune to make this happen. But hey, if anyone can do it, the Australian travel industry can”.

Matt Leedham, KarryOn Founder

He continued to say that;

“One thing’s for sure. What happens on the island, will stay on the island”.

KarryOn plans to start a crowd-funding page to begin collecting donations to build the resort in the very near future.

What do you think? Would you visit the island? What would you like to see on it?