Working from home means Personal Travel Managers’ workspaces are truly unique. Take PTM Belinda Hackett for example who works alongside her pet alpaca with the incredibly apt name, Kerry Paca.

So how did Kerry Paca and Belinda form their A-team?

It began when the Fiji Specialist and stalwart Agent was given the opportunity to house-sit her parent’s 20-acre hobby farm near Camden just south of Sydney.

Belinda and her family said farewell to their house in the Sutherland Shire and hello to two dogs, 10 chickens, 17 sheep and one sweet alpaca.

Belinda Hackett and Kerry Paca

“Our Alpaca is the sweetest. His name is Kerry Paca and he is so adorable. He doesn’t spit like some alpacas. He is very shy but we now have taught him to eat out of our hands”.

PTM Belinda Hackett

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any cuter…Kerry Paca also doubles as the Godfather or Shepherd of their Sheep.

“We had nine baby lambs born this year and Kerry is there each time,” she said.

Belinda Hackett and Kerry Paca

“He helps keep the other sheep away from the baby lambs, he helps the mum clean them up if the mum has twins and then he will keep away the foxes at night time”.

Is your heart melting yet? Who knew alpacas were so considerate.

But now down to business, what interaction does her shaggy-neck co-worker have with her clients?

Belinda says she most definitely does introduce Kerry to her clients when they come to discuss their holidays or collect travel documents.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? She says he is always a good conversation starter.

“I’m grateful TravelManagers means I have the flexibility to work from home, so clients do get the chance to meet Kerry”.

Belinda has been with TravelManagers for five years now and says she and Kerry absolutely love being part of the TravelManagers family.