‘Would you like to a purchase a $2 KitKat?’ – does the question sound familiar? It should because it’s the one you get asked EVERY TIME you fill up on fuel.

We’ve all come to expect it from our local petrol attendee, but have you ever wondered why he/she insists on asking the KitKat question so consistently?

Take a seat, the answer will definitely shock you.

It’s because those 10 little words equate to nearly $678,000 in additional annual revenue IF that petrol station serves some 1,500 customers a day (which BTW, they do).


Speaking at the TravelManagers Conference in Perth earlier this month, marketing expert Amanda Stevens said that by asking the simple question, petrol stations are earning an extra $2 from 6.2 out of every 10 people who’ll say ‘yes’ to the chocolate bar.

“Petrol station owners have $678,000 in the bank just because they’re brave enough to ask the question.”

Amanda Stevens, Marketing Expert

‘That’s nice’, you might think, ‘but what’s this got to do with me and travel’? SO MUCH!

Stevens said that “every business in every industry in every section has a KitKat question” that could mean thousands of extra dollars in income every year. The problem is, people are scared of rejection.

“For every 6.2 people that say ‘yes’ to the KitKat question, petrol station attendees have to deal with 3.8 who say ‘no’ and that can be a bit awkward,” she explained.

“But who cares about awkward… we need to face our fear of rejection knowing that it’s not just about incremental income growth for us but also better outcomes for our customers.”

So, what are the KitKat questions that Travel Agents may want to consider asking in order to boost their annual income and improve their service?

Here are a few Personal Travel Managers (PTMs) came up with in Perth:

  • Would you like to book a walking tour for the day of/after your arrival?
  • Are any of your friends considering joining you on the trip?
  • Would you like to break up with the flight with a stopover in…?
  • Did you want to purchase a lounge pass?
  • Would you like to fly home in a higher cabin?
  • Did you want to book a food tour for the night you arrive, that way you can get an idea of the dining options?
  • Would you like me to organise private transfers to and from the airport?