Last Week To Nominate A Mate: Club Med Announce Third Winner

It's the last week of Club Med's amazing 'Nominate A Mate' competition, where you can nominate an industry legend to win a holiday. So get cracking and scroll down to find out if the lucky winner of week 3 is you...

It’s the last week of Club Med’s amazing ‘Nominate A Mate’ competition, where you can nominate an industry legend to win a holiday. So get cracking and scroll down to find out if the lucky winner of week 3 is you…

Entries have been flooding in for Club Med’s Nominate a Mate and with good reason… it’s the last week to nominate, so get involved! 

Club Med is finding it super tough to select the nominees to be recognised with a future Club Med holiday as it’s clear that there are so many travel industry people out there doing amazing things and who deserve a break! 

So who’s the lucky winner of week three of this incredible incentive?

Could it be you?

Drumroll please…

Winner! Winner!

Club Med Nominate A Mate
Samantha Gittoes

Today, Club Med are pleased to announce that this week’s deserving winner of a Club Med holiday is…

 Samantha Gittoes, an STA Travel Agent from New Zealand.

Congratulations, Samantha!

Sam was nominated by Natalie Langley who was also from STA Travel New Zealand.   

Nat told Club Med what a trooper Sam has been over this challenging period. 

The ever-positive Sam worked as a top-selling travel agent for the last 6 years and is originally from Sydney but now calls New Zealand home. She was due to give birth to her first child at the beginning of lockdown, just as the world started to turn upside down. 

Due to travel restrictions, her mother was unable to fly to New Zealand to join her for the momentous event. Instead, due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sam could only share her labour with one other person, luckily her housemate (who is coincidently also her store manager) stepped in to fill this role, however, she then had to spend three days alone in the hospital post her baby girls birth.   

Natalie said, “Being a new mum is scary in itself, but being in lockdown, on your own and as a new mum with no outside support is terrifying.” 

When she was due to return to work in August, unfortunately, the timing aligned with the announcement that her employer was going into administration, leaving Sam without a job and in a particularly financially challenging environment.   

Sam has gone on to share her story to help others giving birth during this time – you can find out more about this or support her plight here.

Nominate your mate

If you still want to nominate someone you think deserves a holiday, and would love a future Club Med getaway, you can nominate them here.

The initiative wraps up on the 30 October, so get in quick!  

Keep your eyes peeled on the Club Med for Travel Agents Facebook Page this time next week for the last deserving nominee!  

Good luck.

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