#COMEDY: Aussie travel agency to roll out emotional support turkeys nationwide

We've spotted them at airports, seen them on planes, and soon, we'll be eyeing them in our local travel agency. Emotional support turkeys welcome to the Aussie travel industry!

We’ve spotted them at airports, seen them on planes, and soon, we’ll be eyeing them in our local travel agency. Emotional support turkeys welcome to the Aussie travel industry!

In comforting news, a leading Australian travel industry (we haven’t yet been given the green light to reveal just who as yet – stay tuned to KarryOn as more details are revealed over the coming weeks) has announced that it will be rolling out emotional support turkeys nationally in an effort to curb workplace stress and emotional discomfort.

Wait a minute – what the hell is an emotional support turkey? We hear you asking…

Emotional support animals, including turkeys, are pets that have been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist for their therapeutic value. They’re already taken onboard flights to keep emotionally sensitive passengers company whilst travelling.

But in a novel idea, they’ll be introduced to Australian travel agencies, helping agents get through particularly stressful times in the office, such as the end of the month when agents struggle to meet their monthly targets and finalise bookings.

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“Personally, I don’t think it’s going to be a big deal. I’m already used to working with absolute turkeys my office!”

Cathy P., Melbourne travel agent

Speaking to KarryOn exclusively, on condition of full and utter anonymity, the woman behind the new initiative has proposed that each store receive their own emotional support turkey, like a store pet.

“We envision that these emotional support turkeys are going to help agents cope with some of those everyday work stresses. Turkeys are courageous creatures and are known for their proclivity in forming strong social bonds with each other, and humans,” revealed our inside source.

Turkeys are also highly intelligent and have playful and unique personalities, just like travel agents.

Emotional Support Turkeys (and animals in general) are trained to behave properly in public settings, so their introduction into thousands of workplaces across the country, both retail and corporate, isn’t likely to cause much drama. But we can’t lie: it’s definitely going to be slightly weird.

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When they’re emotional support turkeys are officially rolled out around Australia, which should be sometime between June and August this year, we’re expecting them to treated better than this poor emotional support peacock, who was recently denied boarding on a United Airlines Flight from Newark Liberty International Airport – soooo insensitive!

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What do you think of the new, planned initiative? Are you looking forward to meeting your emotional support turkey?