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Let's Go: 3 Reasons Why Now Is The Time For A City Break

The bright lights, energy and sounds of the city are calling us back and it's about time you help your clients answer for a well-deserved helping of culture, entertainment, and excitement.

The bright lights, energy and sounds of the city are calling us back and it’s about time you help your clients answer for a well-deserved helping of culture, entertainment, and excitement.

City Escapes are back in vogue as the perfect way to reconnect, recharge and rediscover your love of urban spaces. A short break can stir the inspiration within you and provide a well overdue helping of wanderlust.

With our cities thriving again, becoming more accessible and affordable than ever, now is the perfect time to inspire your clients to take a concrete jungle escape.

Getting them back to the city means they’ll not only have an epic time, but they will also be supporting the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors – including you, their travel agent!

So let’s hear those three reasons, shall we?

Reason #1 – Now’s the time to experience our cities like never before

©Tourism Australia
Mindil Markets, Darwin ©Tourism Australia

Aussies are some of the luckiest people on earth right now.

Travel confidence is building and you can rest assured that the wonderful people in these cities are going above and beyond to keep visitors happy and healthy at every step of the way.

Whether your clients choose to rediscover an Australian city that they love or finally tick off the metropolis that has been waiting so patiently on their travel wish-list, there are a whole lotta good times waiting for them to arrive.

Escape to Mona, Hobart, Tasmania

With the place to ourselves, your clients can expect to experience our cities in a way they never have before.

Get ready to enjoy VIP status, with fewer queues, more intimate, limited-seating dining experiences, warm welcomes, and perfectly crowd-free Insta-grammable moments.

Reason #2 – Now’s the time to rediscover and reconnect

Enjoy getting outdoors, Sydney. ©Anson Smart/Tourism Australia
Enjoy getting outdoors, Sydney. ©Anson Smart/Tourism Australia

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

After almost a year of Netflix & chill it’s time to leave the living room behind and rediscover the buzz, excitement and inspiration that’s waiting for you in our cultural and culinary heartlands, including experiences both familiar and new.

Choose to enjoy the buzz on your own (to ease you back into the real world) or get your friends and family together with a whole new perspective of what it means to be alive and exploring.

Reason #3 – Now’s the time to be filled with wonder

Uncovering Melbourne's art-filled laneways. ©Tourism Australia
Uncovering Melbourne’s art-filled laneways. ©Tourism Australia

Hey, look. Cities aren’t just big buildings and lots of noise. Aussie cities are some of the most beautiful and unique cities in the world, boasting natural beauty left, right and centre.

With open spaces from mind-boggling beautiful botanical gardens to city-front beaches, and parks and squares where you’re free to roam, relax and make memories away from the crowd – your clients will have all they want from their 2021 escape, right there in one place.

Calling all Travel Agents

Check out the amazing online Tourism Australia City Guides!

If you’re a travel agent and would like to get involved with this exciting campaign, you can do the following and shout your love for our cities from the rooftops:

  • Get started by accessing Tourism Australia’s Comprehensive City Guides website here! It’s packed full of idea and inspiration for things to do in our great cities.
  • Download the new Holiday Here This Year – City Escapes toolkit. The toolkit contains a campaign overview, campaign logos, city-specific imagery for use in your own channels and social media tools.
  • Align your marketing activity to support the campaign.
  • Post on your business social media channels to encourage consumers to book using #HolidayHereThisYear and the Holiday Here This Year giphy stickers
  • Share your news and activities with Tourism Australia for consideration to promote through our PR activities.

Click here for more information.

Feature image Perth ©Tourism Australia