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Link Travel Group welcomes its first six high-profile travel agencies to network

Much-talked-about industry newcomer Link Travel Group has achieved another coup, with six of Australia’s high-profile travel agencies joining the invitation-only membership group.

Reho Travel, Platinum Travel Management, Entourage Travel Group, Mobilise Travel, Mosman Travel and Mary Rossi Travel are the first to join the invitation-only alliance.

The high-profile Australian travel industry businesses have joined Link Travel Group, an invitation-only members’ group “dedicated to partnering with high-quality travel companies to provide an innovative and compelling offering via travel supply, technology and business operations.”

Link Travel Group is a joint venture recently formed between Flight Centre Travel Group, The Goldman Group and Spencer Group of Companies.

Link Travel Group General Manager Scott Darlow with Board Directors Anthony Goldman, Danielle Galloway and Penny Spencer, Goldman Travel Joint MD, Dave Goldman

In addition to joining as members of Link Travel Group, Reho Travel CEO, Karsten Horne, and Platinum Travel Group CEO, Andy Buerckner, will join the organisation’s Advisory Board.

The Board will play an instrumental role in shaping the future of Link Travel Group, as it develops innovative programs and projects to advance its members and the wider travel industry, according to Link Travel Group General Manager, Scott Darlow.

“Andy Buerckner and Karsten Horne will now sit alongside our founding members, with a few more select Advisory Board Members to be announced in the near future. We are entering a new frontier in travel and Link Travel Group is paving the way for our industry to grow sustainably, with new ideas and unique solutions to build a better future.

Andy Buerckner, CEO Platinum Travel

“Both of these impressive industry leaders have unique insights to offer into specialised areas of travel which will be invaluable to Link Travel Group’s growth.

“Mary Rossi Travel, Mosman Travel, Reho Travel, Platinum Travel Corporation, Entourage Travel Group and Mobilise Travel are all high-performing agencies with stellar reputations, who are dedicated to growing and preserving the industry for future generations.”

Andy Buerckner, the CEO, of Platinum Travel Group, said of the move, “Joining Link made both commercial and strategic sense for Platinum Travel Group. We have long been in favour of industry collaboration, and this is required more than ever in a fast-paced environment that presents both challenges and opportunities.

“Our Directors and teams across Platinum, Entourage and Mobilise are all excited to be a part of a future with Link in which we can leverage strong supplier relationships, a broad suite of products and best-in-market commercials.”

Karsten Horne, CEO Reho Travel
Karsten Horne, CEO Reho Travel

Karsten Horne, the CEO, of Reho Travel, added, “Reho Travel is delighted to join Link Travel Group. For many years I have admired (from afar) the commitment to social responsibility shown by the founding member organisations. To have the opportunity of working closely with other travel companies that demonstrate a strong focus on sustainability is a real privilege.”

While Sharyn Kitchener – Managing Director, Mosman Travel & Director, Mary Rossi Travel commented “Mosman Travel and Mary Rossi Travel see a very bright future for travel and in today’s dynamic and fast-changing business environment, it’s vital to partner with the right group and right member agencies within that group.

“Having access to Link’s innovative and leading technology, collaborative and like-minded peers, and very best in commercial agreements will see both of our established brands positioned well to navigate the challenges that confront our ever-changing industry.”