It’s no secret that right now Japan is hot – red hot. Every man and his hedgehog wants to visit the bustling island nation. From cherry blossoms to elegant geishas and the dazzling neon lights, it can get a little overwhelming ensuring your clients are getting the most out of their trip.

This is where Tomato Travel comes in. They’re specialists in the land of the rising sun and want to help you re-imagine Japan from a true insider’s perspective.



Tomato Travel’s brand mantra is ‘healthy, innovative and excellent travel experiences’. Let’s dive deeper into the three pillars that they base their business around:

HEALTHY: Tomato Travel seeks to provide high-quality tours that reflect active experiences, respect the environment and culture around them and inspire others to begin their own Japanese adventure.

INNOVATIVE: They are willing and dedicated to delivering quality tours for your clients by utilising technology to streamline booking processes and ultimately eliminate errors. These innovations have given them the ability to create savings which they then pass on to you.

EXCELLENT: Tomato Travel is a passionate company that cares about you and your clients. They are constantly working to improve their industry knowledge and use this expertise to create unique, authentic and memorable experiences and itineraries.



Just like you wouldn’t use a fork to eat miso soup, why would you use a company that doesn’t specialise in their field?

The Tomato Travel team are YOUR Japan specialists. They’ll open your client’s eyes to a whole new world, beyond just the robots and the teppanyaki.

You may be thinking, “Who are Tomato Travel?” Their head office is in Sydney but their operations team are based in Japan, so they have an ear to the ground on what’s hot and what’s not. This also means they’re there to help if things go awry.

No more dealing with the middle man, you’ll be liaising directly with them which is not only a time-saver but minimises stress – something that every travel agent aspires for.



Becoming part of the Tomato Travel family doesn’t mean you’ll be spammed with boring emails on the reg. They want travel agents to be Japan experts so they provide regular updates and information that you’ll actually want to hear about.

If you sign up to become a Tomato Travel agent, you’ll be the first to know when they have new promotions and deals and when new products become available.

It’s their goal to build a healthy, innovative and excellent future between Tomato Travel and agents. How can you say no to that?



To make this even juicier, Tomato Travel has an offer that will knock your socks off!

On three selected tours, they are offering free return international flights as part of their special Fly Free promo!

Call your clients NOW and let them know you’ve found them the perfect way to experience Japan!

But don’t wait too long – this promotion ends 10th November 2019.

Become a Tomato Travel agent today to take your Japan expertise to the next level! For more information, head to




This article was written by Karryon contributor Jess Buchan.

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