For most of us, the appeal of travelling has moved far beyond the pursuit of hedonism. We don’t want to travel just for exotic sights, flavours and experiences, but also to make a positive difference.

Making a difference in local communities is built into Trafalgar’s travel philosophy. For example, its JoinTrafalgar initiative has more than 80 experiences across all seven continents that give you the chance to give something back to the communities you visit and help make the world a better place.

Did you know that you can…


1. Help save pandas from extinction in Chengdu, China

Trafalgar Panda

Support the vital work carried out by the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu, China, by visiting this active research centre.

Not only will you be able to see giant pandas in the flesh as you walk around the centre’s open-air enclosures, but you’ll learn about these fascinating, albeit, rare animals and all the work the research facility has been doing since 1987 to boost their numbers and protect them from disappearing.

You can then take this knowledge back home and help communicate the importance of animal conservation efforts all around the world.


2. Support disadvantaged youth in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Not everyone is born with equal opportunity to make the most of their life. In Vietnam, thousands of teenagers are seriously disadvantaged, needing a little help to get their life on track as they begin their adult years.

The KOTO Restaurant in Ho Chi Minh is a non-profit enterprise giving young people the chance to get off the streets with training in the hospitality industry.

So far, every single graduate of the programme has landed full-time employment, changing the course of their future for the better. And all you have to do to support KOTO’s efforts is sit down to a glorious meal prepared by the students, which in Vietnam, is always scrumptious!


3. Support local women in Amman, Jordan


Visit the Iraq Al-Amir Women Cooperative Society in Amman, Jordan, and help the women from the villages of Wadi Seer support their families by buying one of their hand-made traditional crafts.

By teaching local women the art of making traditional crafts such as hand-made fabric, olive-oil soap, ceramic and pottery, hand-made paper and rugs — as well as giving them access to computers, typing courses and internet connectivity — this noble cooperative is literally making the world a better place one family at a time.

Crafts can be purchased from the Tourist Centre, either before or after sitting down for a delicious traditional meal prepared by the women themselves, who just so happen to be fantastic cooks too!

Trafalgar strongly believes in doing everything they can to help preserve traditions and improve livelihoods for locals wherever they visit, and this is just one of dozens of experiences that let you make a difference when travelling with them.


To learn more about how to create meaningful travel for your clients, download Trafalgar’s guide to sustainable travel on their agent portal, and join their fight to make travel matter




What will you do to make a difference on your next adventure?

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