In case you missed it, the world’s largest association of travel professionals, The American Society of Travel Agents recently rebranded as the American Society of Travel Advisors.

Now they’re calling on the entire industry to make the switch from Agent to Advisor.

Why does it matter? You might ask. ASTA has answered all the burning questions about the name change and its call for the universal use of Advisor in an open letter to members of the travel industry.

ASTA said the name change was all about altering the common perception of what Travel Advisors actually do.

“Today’s Travel Agents are no longer mere booking intermediaries. They have become trusted Advisors —akin to financial planners and CPAs – who make the overall travel experience better.”

ASTA’s open letter

ASTA went on to say that in order to fully realise the benefits of this change, it was critical that all industry stakeholders spoke with one voice when it came to describing their business.

“To that end, we are encouraging our member companies, supplier partners and anyone doing meaningful business through the Travel Advisor channel to add their name to the growing list of organisations that have made or are in the process of making the switch from “Travel Agent” to “Travel Advisor” in their consumer and trade communications.”

More than 70 companies have gotten behind the switch including big names such as Royal Caribbean, Marriott, and Hyatt.


Did someone say “I need a Travel Advisor!”

This sentiment certainly resonates with us. We’ve made the switch to using Advisor, because the new breed of Travel Advisors don’t just sell travel; they go above and beyond to offer expertise, advice, assistance and added value.

Agent or Advisor. Which resonates more with you?