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3 new types of customer ready to book a trip to Britain with you

With 2014 seeing a record number of Australians visit Britain, the opportunities for booking customers on trips in 2015 and beyond are only going to get bigger for everyone.

With 2014 seeing a record number of Australians visit Britain, the opportunities for booking customers on trips in 2015 and beyond are only going to get bigger for everyone.

If you play your cards right that is.

Because whilst Britain remains strong for the VFR (Visiting friends and families) market, according to VisitBritain there’s also new breed of traveller salivating at the endless travel experiences that await them in the Uk. And they’re ready to spend up.

All they need is a good Travel Professional to help realise their travel dreams. Know anyone?

Ah ok! Well first you’ll need to understand who these three new customers are and how you can effectively service their needs to ensure they become a loyal customer for you.

1. The ‘Silver Stylists’


Looking for genuine experiences

The next level baby boomers we all know so well (because they’re our parents and your River Cruise customers usually), these over 55 experience-seeking couples are up for adventure and local immersion topped off with bags of quality.

From gourmet food and wine experiences, to more active pursuits, culture and heritage experiences they want to get out of London and travel further to take in more of regional Britain and the glorious countryside they’ve heard so much about.

They probably have distant friends and relatives in Britain to visit too so are up for getting around and discovering the many memorable stories that await them.

They’ve got time and money to spend and are becoming increasingly more digital savvy, citing Facebook as a favourite channel to share their exploits with friends and family and keep in touch from afar.

Starter tips to sell Britain to them? Start their itinerary in the north and work back to London rather than the other way round with an airfare to Manchester, Edinburgh, Cardiff or Birmingham for example.

Focus on value travel types such as Rail or self-drive to help them explore more, their own way and by their own schedule. Get them out of the big hotels and into charming guesthouses and rustic Bed and Breakfasts and look for tours where they’ll meet likeminded and aged travellers who they can share the experience with.

Think about events and cultural festivals too to tie in along the way. Tours and cruises could still be popular to mix it up, though only if there’s plenty of free time and different kinds of activities for them to try.


2. The ‘Young Professionals’


They’re not necessarily as cool as you may think

This cool set is the upwardly mobile millennial’s and GenYers with big dreams and an increasing disposable pool of money to spend on status seeking experiences.

Working long hours in rising star roles they toil hard and play even harder, putting travel experiences right up there as the social currency of their worth with their friends and peers.

‘They deserve this’ is what they’ll say and live by the mantra – If it didn’t happen on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, it didn’t happen at all.

Britain is on their status update list for its dynamic, edgy reputation, high bragging potential and close proximity to the rest of the sexy European playground they so deeply desire to hang out and be seen in.

But whilst they maybe short on time with an average trip of just two weeks in total, they’ll pack in a lot of experiences, energy and spending in with shopping, dining, museums, galleries and clubbing all prime activities.

Starter tips to sell Britain to them? Whilst they’d perhaps never normally consider a Contiki Holiday, perhaps they might in 2015 given Contiki’s new diversified product range – perfect for short trips with free time.

They may not have thought about a travel agent either as they will have researched everything heavily but they’re still looking for a great deal and at the end of the day haven’t travelled far yet. But you have.

Hit them up with great airfare deals, accommodation and pre-booked ancillary products like Oyster Cards, tour and museum entries, insurance and other products to build their itinerary and save them time and money.

Your personal experience and tips will go a long way to showing them that yes, you actually do know what you’re talking about.


3. The ‘Millionaire’s club’.


When you’ve got everything, simple pleasures are where it’s at

Not just reserved solely for the jetset Chinese and Middle Eastern travellers anymore, Australia has its fair share of made folk too with travel being their social barometer for who they are and what they want to achieve in life.

These cashed up entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals don’t want for much – except incredible travel experiences that will leave them more fulfilled in some shape or form. Oh and give them endless bragging stories for their dinner parties.

Going beyond the expected 5-7 star hotels, Michelin star restaurants, shopping blowouts and private drivers they’re devoutly looking for history and cultural ‘real’ experiences that’ll blow their minds and leave them pondering their very existence. Maybe.

They desire money can’t buy experiences that are deeply personal and private. Expect that in their case – money can and will buy them. But what’s surprising is that they might actually be simple desires that you and I might enjoy on a regular basis. Like eating fish and chips out of newspaper by the sea somewhere in Yorkshire. How traditional!

Whilst they have money to burn, they still want some random in their lives to keep them connected to the real world whilst inspire them to feel good about their uber rich lifestyle.

Starter tips to sell Britain to them? Chances are you already have these people as clients. But if you don’t, our advice is to go and seek out where they are as they are most definitely loyal clients you want on your books.

Time poor and extremely pragmatic, they value trust and certainty above all else and will want you to organize everything travel wise for them down to the last minute.

Aside from you showing them some value and weight in First or Business Class airfares and extras, helping unravel the myriad of authentic experiences via the Brit Agent site will help you wow them with some authentic ideas for their trip.

They’re actually easier to have as customers than you may think. Just always remember who’s boss.

Do you already have these customers as clients? Share your thoughts and tips on how to best service them below.