Queenstown takeover
Queenstown takeover

4 reasons why your travel marketing plan needs video now

2015 has already proven to be the year of video marketing. Here's some essential things to know before you jump on the video bandwagon.

2015 has already proven to be the year of video marketing. Here’s some essential things to know before you jump on the video bandwagon.


According to Invodo, 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of any given video and with marketing professionals’ reporting that video converts better than any other medium it’s time to look into adding it to your marketing strategy.

Video has become the saving grace of digital with increased click through rates and digital conversions. The play button has now become the most compelling call to action on the web. What are the video marketing trends we all need to be aware of in 2015?


1. Mobile Matters


Over 20% of video views are happening from mobile devices and this trend is growing at a fast rate.

More than 77% of all tablet users will watch video on their devices at least monthly. By 2018, we’re looking at more than 70% of all digital video viewers watching on tablets.

We created this video at Leedham Creative as a mini showreel of some of the work we’ve done.

Think about how captivating it would be to watch this video on a dreary commute on your way to the old 9-5. You’ll be day dreaming all day and ready to book your next holiday.


2. Less is often more

With digital we’re always after getting the most views and impressions, but now we have to realise it’s not about that. We should be putting more value on a targeted market. It’s all about creating closer relationships with your viewer and taking them through a purchasing journey. Create videos with a specific person in mind. Is it for the travel agents, adventure travellers or perhaps students? Don’t try to please everyone.


3. Time to be premium

People often associate web video with low quality but this is no longer the case. There are now publishers creating great content like Conde Nast Entertainment, BuzzFeed and Vice Media, all producing spectacular digital-only shows. It’s high quality content. It means we should also be delivering premium advertising content meant strictly for the web to an audience most comfortable on the web.


4. Engage Travel Vloggers

Vloggers, short for ‘video bloggers’, sometimes have immense followings. It’s important to get in touch with them to find out more about who their audience is and why they watch their videos.

It’s very important to note that there should be good synergy between both your brands to maximise ROI. Work on collaborations or sponsored videos, we all know an endorsement from a trusted source often speaks louder than content created by brands.

Looking for video for your brand? At KarryOn we can help you create great video content at a decent price. Email us: [email protected] to find out more.

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