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Airlines play out the battle of the tissue box

This week saw the launch of three big campaigns by three different airlines, all with similar themes of heart tugging stories.

This week saw the launch of three big campaigns by three different airlines, all with similar themes of heart tugging stories.


Smart marketers know that in 2014, only emotional, authentic stories will resonate when it comes to attempting to engage a busy, general public tired of being bombarded with thousands of brand messages every day.

This week, British AirwaysFiji Airways and Qantas all launched campaigns that put real people and real stories at the fore and delivered them with real emotional intensity.

Each campaign uses real people, acoustic soundtracks, stunning cinematography and a very high level of emotional pull in the stories.

They’re all beautiful, individual pieces of work that are touching and memorable.

So get the tissue box ready and settle into opening up your heart for a wee while. Afterwards, we’d love to hear your opinions on the three campaigns.


1. British Airways – The welcome of home (4.01)

This is the true story of Chitra and her journey back home to India from Toronto with British Airways.

The airline says – “Whether your family lives across the street or 10,000 miles away, the Welcome of Home is important. That’s why we do our best to make you and your loved ones feel welcomed before you even get there. With our authentic Hindu food, Bollywood movies and friendly cabin crew you’ll feel like you’re half way home the moment you board”.


2. Fiji Airways – Home away from home (3.06)

Fiji Airways ran a competition for friends and family to nominate people who they felt needed a holiday the most as a ‘Home Away From Home’ experience of a lifetime. The result is a compelling series of three different stories that make up a very engaging campaign.

This video features Elenoa, a Fijian widow from Laucala Beach, Fiji, who boards an plane for the very first time, and ventures to New Zealand to unite with her long lost niece.

The airline says – “When you board a Fiji Airways flight, you instantly feel like you’ve known us for a lifetime. You can expect the same care and warmth you naturally receive in the home of a loved one, because onboard Fiji airways, you’re not just a seat number, you’re part of our extended Fijian family”.


3. Qantas – Feels like home (1.01)

Qantas focussed on five different passengers and their loved ones and shared their intimate homecoming stories in an invitation to share in the spirit of Australia.

This video features Alice who’s on her way home from London to Australia with Qantas.

The airline says – “We love hearing from our customers that no matter where they are, when they see the red tail of the flying kangaroo, or get that friendly greeting as they board their Qantas flight, it feels like home. At Qantas we are proud to play our part in bringing travellers together with the people they love from around Australia and across the globe. Australians are great travellers, but there’s nothing quite like coming home”.

The juries out, which ones are your favourites?