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Expedia helps sick kids travel the world

Expedia proves it's about more than just the bottom line with their latest campaign to help sick kids travel the world. And it's totally awesome.

Expedia proves it’s about more than just the bottom line with their latest campaign to help sick kids travel the world. And it’s totally awesome.


Think for a moment about what it would feel like to be a cancer stricken kid stuck in a hospital bed for weeks, months and potentially years.

That feeling of being able to travel anywhere, anytime that we take for granted would to them feel literally, worlds away.

Online travel business Expedia thought about how they could overcome this mentally debilitating feeling and together with St. Judes Children’s Research hospital in Memphis, Tennessee and the latest technology created an incredible project called ‘Dream Adventures’.

Whilst it may seem complicated at first glance, the idea is actually really simple.

Use a 360 camera with live streaming into a specially built screening room to re-create travel experiences for patients that they couldn’t possibly embark on themselves.

It’s the next best thing to being there, which for these kids really is a dream come true.


Watch and a warning, there will be tears…

From taking virtual trips to ride with wild horses in Argentina, to visiting the jungle to hang out with monkeys, to going underwater to swim with colourful fishes or journey out into the desert to hunt for fossils. Whatever the kids dream, Expedia’s goal is to make that dream come true.

And what’s really cool is that it’s the Expedia employees themselves who are the ones personally guiding the kids through the dream like experiences, interacting live with the kids to answer their questions and share the precious moments along the way, essentially as remote control guides.

It’s both gorgeously brilliant and sad at the same time. A joy to watch that’s guaranteed to crack your heart open and have you tearing up with admiration for each kids response and the project itself.


Dream Adventures can transport kids to anywhere

Who knows what the project cost to make. Who cares quite frankly. What matters is that regardless of your position on Expedia and what they represent to you in the travel industry, creating campaigns like this go to show that Expedia are equally as committed to giving back as they are to growth.

Yes it’s still marketing, but what better way to spend your funds than to actually do something positive in the process. This way, everybody wins.

In a world of often meaningless marketing I say – Awesome work Expedia.

The campaign is currently live and getting a ton of positive reviews. Customers can also donate their Expedia reward points to the hospital at www.expedia.comm/stjude

What do you think about Expedia’s latest campaign? Share your thoughts below.