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Fiji Airways new campaign captures welcoming Fijian spirit

The South Pacific island’s national airline has released a new brand campaign to showcase the welcoming nature of Fiji.

The South Pacific island’s national airline has released a new brand campaign to showcase the welcoming nature of Fiji.

The brand campaign, called ‘Welcome To Our Home’, captures the unique Fijian experience travellers have on-board Fiji Airways and, by extension, in Fiji.

That is, according to the airline, a very personal, human experience with the familiarity of home and where visitors are treated as extended family, not tourists.

Fiji Airways Managing Director and CEO Stefan Pichler, who recently announced his departure from the airline, said that treating visitors like family is an inherent quality of Fijians.

Pichler - Karryon

Pictured: Stefan Pichler.

“Our people at Fiji Airways naturally extend this same courtesy to all our guests on board. They are far more than just a seat number, they are part of our extended Fijian family,” he said.

The campaign has been launched through a series of real life videos featuring three families who recently travelled to and from Fiji needing a much-deserved home-away-from-home experience of a lifetime.

They were nominated by friends and family back in September as part of a competition by the airline.

See the Monahan’s story here:

A once tight-knit family from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, the Monahan siblings were given the opportunity to reunite after losing their mother and splitting into different homes.

See the McConnell’s story here:

The McConnells are a hardworking dairy family from Hamilton, New Zealand who have had little time to get away on a family holiday because of the demands of running a family farm with 850 cattle.

See Elenoa’s story here:

Elenoa, a Fijian widow from Laucala Beach, Fiji, boarded a plane for the very first time, and ventured to New Zealand to unite with family she had not seen for years.

The campaign sees Fiji Airways take off in a new direction in terms of its marketing.

“Following our successful relaunch to Fiji Airways last year, we have revamped our marketing approach and have now included more of Fiji’s people in the way we market our company and the country overseas,” Pichler said.

“As the national carrier, we want to show off what makes Fiji so special and unique as an experience. This brand position resonates well with the Fijian people because they live this experience every day.”

The integrated campaign launches today and includes a microsite where you can find all the videos and more.

What aspect of the campaign do you find most appealing?