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Fiji Airways shows us the colour of their money

Fiji airways have launched the next heart warming installment of their 'Welcome to our home' campaign following the initial launch a year ago. And there's not a bula to be heard.

Fiji airways have launched the next heart warming installment of their ‘Welcome to our home’ campaign following the initial launch a year ago. And there’s not a bula to be heard.

Fiji Airways say that when you board a flight with them, “you instantly feel like you’ve known them for a lifetime. That you can expect the same care and warmth you’d naturally receive in the home of a loved one, because you’re part of their extended Fijian family”.

If you’ve flown with the carrier of tropical paradise to Nadi or anywhere else on their expanding network, you’ll know what they mean.

This latest campaign from the Fijian National carrier takes that feeling to the next level by illustrating how deeply everyone’s patronage affects so much more than just the airline.

For most big airlines, this kind of marketing idea wouldn’t rub, but when you fly and visit Fiji and any one of its 100 inhabited islands you should know that you are actively supporting crucial community needs such as; harvesting food, teaching children, tending to hospital patients, keeping people moving and protecting their environment.

And they’re probably right to call it out given Fiji’s massively heavy reliance on travel and tourism to the economy.

Clearly their sustainable storytelling is working with record profits year on year that have included a profit share for all employees as well as new routes such as to Singapore announced just last week.

They also only have 9 aircraft including three Airbus A330-200s, five Boeing 737-800s and one Boeing 737-700 demonstrating to the world that they’re punching well above their weight.

Some of the sceptics out there may snigger at the idea, but any airline than can capture the hearts of its own nation by integrating the importance of its daily needs into its advertising is onto a good thing. Even more so when it’s actually believable.

What do you think? Have you flown with Fiji Airways recently? Share your thoughts below.