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How relevant is Twitter to Aussies? There's a video for that

How relevant is Twitter to Aussies anyway? They've just created a video to help explain why it's relevant to Aussies everywhere.

How relevant is Twitter to Aussies anyway? They’ve just created a video to help explain why it’s relevant to Aussies everywhere.


Launched on Australia Day and featuring Aussie celebrities and less famous Twitter die hards from far and wide across our golden land, the video features people using Twitter in their everyday lives for a wide range of reasons.

From lifeguards in Western Australia alerting beachgoers about hungry sharks to Sydney Swans AFL star and activist Adam Goodes tackling racism to his fan base and Kyle and Jackie O tweeting inane celebrity banter no-ones really interested in – everyone’s got their own story to share.

Even Geelong’s remarkable Mayor Darryn Lyons gets his spikey hair do on there.

The video is beautifully produced and emotively showcases Australia in such a positive light it is as much a fantastic advert for the country as it as for Twitter itself.

Which is a clever move by Twitter. As is launching it on Australia day. A possible contra with Tourism Australia? Could have been, should have been! Whichever way you look at it, it’s good to see a break away from the US to a more localised, relevant approach.

Twitters importance and immediacy as a news channel is also highlighted as key benefit over other Social Media channels with News reporter Peter Overton talking up bushfires being reported in realtime.

Ex Sydney FC Football star Alessandro Del Piero mumbles in Italian about staying in touch with la dolce vita and Bindi Irwin pops up to energise us for a few seconds from Australia Zoo.

And the short ends as it starts, with homegrown Pro surfer girl Sally Fitzgibbons talking about everyone riding the wave with her in Australia, wherever she goes thanks to Twitter.

I like this video. Because like all good tech companies they’ve humanised their product and showcased what it’s actually used for by most of us. In this instance – largely for good.

Which is what great tech should be. Invisible to see and an enabler for all of us to live a better life.

Are you a Twitter lover or hater? Share your thoughts below.