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Klick Konnect Travel Trends 2015

On Friday 27th February Klick Communications’ founder, Kim McKay, held an intimate lunch with 15 of Klick’s key partners and tourism industry marketers to discuss travel trends in 2015.

On Friday 27th February Klick Communications’ founder, Kim McKay, held an intimate lunch with 15 of Klick’s key partners and tourism industry marketers to discuss travel trends in 2015.

The travel brands present at the lunch included Tourism Australia, Saffire Freycinet, Mudgee Region Tourism and Voyages Indigenous Tourism and the trends covered during the lunch was technology, taste and tribes.

One key insight shared was the emergence of PANKS – Professional Aunties No Kids – as key influencers in the travel market.

“At Klick we use consumer insights to inform everything we do. Our team of strategists and specialists combine their understanding of the consumer with the world’s best tools to build, track and understand where the next trends are coming from”

Kim McKay, Founder and Director of Klick Communications

For the 2015 report Klick selected a mix of trends that are both established and in the early adopter stage. From the extensive research Klick selected 15 trends (and a few foodie fads) for 2015. These were segmented under the key macro trends of Technology, Tastes and Tribes.


There is no more important trend than technology, Trends in technology impact how customers live, how they reach us and how they buy products and services.

  • Internet of things: The mother of all tech trends, the internet of things will see the machines talk to each other with little or no interaction from humans.
  • 3D printing: is it the future of landmarks?
  • Heads up display: Changing in real time, consumers will get directions and instructions from sunglasses, caps and gadgets. Signs and billboards may soon disappear.
  • Crowd control: How we travel, in size and speed is primed for rapid change. At-home gaming becomes an IRL exercise.
  • Digital dollars: Digital currency will become important in 2015.


Food is how we experience life and local custom. Experiencing regions and enjoying dining experiences is one of the most important factors when travelling. Look no further than #restaurantaustralia.

  • Twenty-food-teen: What’s in for food this year? Native, veggies, slow and low and millet (the new quinoa). These are fads, but the fact that food always has new fads is a trend in itself.
  • Local love: It’s not just eating local produce, it’s eating WITH the locals.
  • Neurogastronomy: Dining will become an even more immersive experience, using neuroscience to exaggerate the enjoyment of food.
  • Finicky foodies: Gluten free is to easy. Prepare for the no sugar, no egg (but not vegan), wheat free and pea-free brigade.
  • Tell me more: We want every ingredient to have a story, a story that helps us tell the world where we are.


Understanding the consumer is the single most important thing that can be done as part of the product and marketing mix. 

  • PANKs: Fempowerment! Welcome to the PANK era (professional aunties no kids). So often women are targeted as being mums only – this trend identifies a flaw in that assumption.
  • Luxur-me: Luxury travel is all about me! Personalisation is the most important aspect to every trip.
  • Grey tsunami: The older generation don’t want to be forgotten as they aren’t slowing down. They are the biggest spenders in domestic tourism, spending $700 per week.
  • Tele Tourists: Inspired by the sights and sounds on our TV screens and social media, we will venture to “famous” destinations in ever increasing numbers.
  • Gen Y – It’s not me it’s you: Gen Y want what they want, when they want it. They also want to tell everyone about it, with 97% posting on social they are your marketing team. They consider online reviews important. It’s their way or the highway.

Justine TeVelde – Marketing Coordinator Golden Door, Jo Thomas – Marketing Manager Golden Door, Cara George – CEO Mudgee Region Tourism Inc.


Matt Casey – General Manager Tourism Federal Group, Janneke Leffers – Marketing Manager Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, Dmitry Bobin – Marketing Manager Tourism Federal Group, Victoria Bowness – Communications Specialist Klick Communications


Nicole Foster – Advocacy and Content Manager Tourism Australia, Karena Noble – Director Public Relations Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia


Kim McKay – Founder and Owner Klick Communications, Jason Parlett – Head of Partnerships Klick Communications

Are there any additional travel trends you think will play a vital role in 2015?