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Periscope…What you need to know

Travel PR agency Klick Communications is back and this week they're giving us a crash course in how to use Periscope. We look into what it is, who it's for and how businesses are using the app.

Travel PR agency Klick Communications is back and this week they’re giving us a crash course in how to use Periscope. We look into what it is, who it’s for and how businesses are using the app.

What is it?
Twitter’s live-streaming video app – Periscope allows you to watch and broadcast real-time videos from all around the world.

How are businesses using it?
Businesses are using Periscope to keep their customers up-to-date in a more personal and informal setting. The benefits include transparency and behind-the-scenes footage in a live format

Who is its audience?
Over 10 million active accounts, watching 40 years worth of content each day.

Mobile platform
Periscope truly takes advantage of the mobile platform, incorporating notifications and location tagging, social sharing on Twitter, live commentary and response.

Upon completion of a broadcast, the video can be replayed within Periscope for up to 24 hours. After that, the broadcast is removed from the app. Each broadcasts can be saved to mobile to be published and shared online like any other video.




Sketch – Periscope’s newest feature allows you to draw over your live broadcast ‘Snapchat-style’. The sketch is visible to your viewers and lasts a few seconds before fading away. This is currently available to iOS users.

Viewer statistics – A viewer graph has been introduced so that you can see the number of viewers over the duration of your scope and identify peaks and lulls.

Global map – You can now find all broadcasts, both live and replays from the last 24 hours on the Global map. Red dots are live broadcasts. Blue dots are replays.

Skip ahead – Fast-forward replays by dragging right and left. The screen will give you a preview of that moment in navigation.

Landscape – Periscope now allows you to broadcast and view in landscape mode.

GoPro – Connect your GoPro HERO 4 to Periscope via wifi to capture your experience in the most immersive and creative way.




Watch and replay: Click on the TV icon to see and replay live broadcasts of public streams and content by people you follow on Periscope. After 24 hours, broadcasts will expire and no longer feature in the Watch tab.

Catchy titles:  At the beginning of every broadcast, write a compelling title that will encourage people to watch and follow. This title can be shared via your Twitter account to notify your followers of new content

Hearts: Viewers show love by tapping on the screen and giving the broadcast hearts. Periscope will count the total number of hearts for the scope, an indication of popularity.

Engage: Viewers can tap to give hearts or type comments up to 72 characters long, which appear on the bottom left hand corner of the scope. The broadcaster can engage with their audience by responding verbally and visually via the stream.

Save: Choose to Autosave Broadcasts in Settings to automatically archive your video to your phone camera roll. This allows you to edit, upload and repurpose the broadcast on other social channels.

Location: Make your broadcast easy to find and reach a bigger audience by sharing your location. The location tagging option can be turned on or off by using the Compass icon on the Broadcast tab. Your approximate location will be shared with your viewers and your broadcast will be discoverable on Map on iOS.

Have you been using Periscope? Share your experience with us…