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Top 4 travel trends this week

Rain-free weddings (every bridezilla's dream), eco-conscious hotel bookings and "the world’s first human search engine". We've listed our top 4 travel trends of the week.

Rain-free weddings (every bridezilla’s dream), eco-conscious hotel bookings and “the world’s first human search engine”. We’ve listed our top 4 travel trends of the week.


1. Let the beer bottle lead the way 

Last month Heineken Experience in Amsterdam launched a marketing campaign in order to bring in new visitors to the beer museum.

The world-famous beer company randomly placed custom-created bottles throughout the city which all featured an integrated GPS system to guide people to the museum.

When picked up, the special bottles equipped with an integrated compass would activate and vibrate, before pointing in the direction of the Heineken Experience, with the caps lighting up.


2. Eco-conscious hotel bookings


Launched in March 2015, GreenHotelWorld is a website allowing eco-conscious travellers to offset the carbon emissions of their hotel stay.

The Switzerland-based website which is listing more than 130,000 hotels in 107 countries available thanks to a partnership with Expedia enables travellers to browse and book their ‘green’ accommodation online.

How does it work?

GreenHotelWorld teamed up with myclimate to ensure all users’ stays are carbon neutral — by compensating the CO2 emissions of the less eco-responsible accommodation options free of charge. The website is also rating how green each hotel is.



3. Iceland Tourist Board’s new tourism campaign 

Iceland Tourist Board has launched Ask Guðmundur “the world’s first human search engine” in a cheeky campaign inviting visitors to ask a real-life, honest-to-goodness person any travel questions they may have about the country.

The team of seven includes men and women from different regions across the country, providing tourists with personalized answers to any questions that they might have about Iceland. Tourists can ask their questions via social media, hashtagging them with #AskGudmundur, with one of the seven experts then addressing their queries.



4. Travel company promises rain-free wedding ceremonies


Bridezillas will have one less thing to worry about for their big day with Oliver’s Travels newly launched service pledging to ensure a completely rain-free wedding.

Thanks for a ‘cloud-seeding’ system including an airplane releasing silver iodide into clouds which causes them to create rain which then quickly dissipates, the wedding ceremonies hosted at the luxury company’s venue in France are guaranteed to be rain-free.

However this exclusive service doesn’t come cheap and only applies to couples who can splash out AUD$ 129,590 (USD 100,000).

Have you seen any other travel trends this week? Share them with us in the comment section below…