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The 10 best travel ads of 2014

Some travel ads pulled on our heart strings, made us laugh or simply just found new ways to deliver their message – here’s our top 10 travel ads for 2014.

Some travel ads pulled on our heart strings, made us laugh or simply just found new ways to deliver their message – here’s our top 10 travel ads for 2014.


10. Moments – SNCF

Not strictly made for online but these real life experiences created by SNCF was a hit on the internet. The French train operator’s campaign ‘Moments’ aim to show the different kinds of experiences that the rail system can take riders to. I love the joy that it brings to passers-by, great execution.


9. All-time greats – Emirates

Talk about getting into the World Cup Spirit, this made the list as they didn’t stop at just having the star power of Pelé and Cristiano Ronaldo and saying that was enough. They genuinely made a clever ad, the message is clear – fly Emirates and they’ll bring you closer to football legends.


8. The Negotiator – Priceline

Another one using star power, this time in the form of William Shatner and Kaley Cuoco. William Shatner stars as ‘The Negotiator’ the one who negotiates you great deals through Priceline, and he may just be perfect for this role, light and bubbly, again Priceline is not just content with star power, but also with quality content.


7. Open – Colorado Tourism

This ad is so good that it makes me want to jump out of my chair right now and take a trip. It’s a call that hits close to home, especially with those stricken by wanderlust. The ad encourages travellers to get outdoors and away from the bustle to reconnect with themselves. The ads are beautiful to point of being over produced, but the message still rings true.


6. Curiosity – Momondo

Like the ad before, Momondo‘s newest ad aims to inspire viewers to get off their bum and see somewhere new. There’s some clear millennial targeting going on but the message is universal for all travellers: “Think of all the places you haven’t seen, the meals you haven’t tasted, the people you haven’t met. They’re already waiting for you, somewhere, out there. So use your curiosity, take it out with you into the world, for all the moments waiting to be explored.”


5. Captain Obvious –

Captain Obvious was a big hit and plays on a popular phrase. He is a fictitious character to show that is the obvious choice for booking hotels online. The ad is a video ad for online and TVC. It’s so good it has me stating all the obvious facts in this description.


4. Samsonite VS Chicken – Samsonite

Consumers are demanding lighter and lighter luggage and Samsonite has never been one to shy away from a challenge. The problem is how do you convey the idea of weight on a TVC, usually you’d go conceptual, but Samsonite went a different route. It’s simple yet effective – leaves you with no doubts as to how light the Samsonite Short-Lite™ really is.


3. Infrequent Flyers Club – Tigerair

Another one featuring a chicken. Perhaps the travel industry just loves them. Tigerair rewards infrequent flyers, and have started their own ‘infrequent flyers club’ rewarding them with cheap airfares. One thing Tigerair knows is their audience and I think this cheeky ad drives the message home.


2. Thorne Travel – Thorne Travel

Our personal favourite is of course this video for Thorne Travel. It’s really a case of it’s so bad, it’s good – so good in fact that it lent itself to a remix, that’s when you know you’ve made it. It became a viral sensation getting over 850k views on YouTube. It’s the cheesy rave music, the captain whose clothes are 3 sizes too big and the awkward walking around that gets me every time.


1. The Entlebuch Message – Entlebuch Biosphere

This video is strange but brilliant! The premise is that the Entlebuch Biosphere in Switzerland’s sustainable lifestyle preserves the area so well that locals have invited tourists that may take a while to arrive… extra-terrestrials. They apparently even used a satellite to send a message to space and people have put up signs and created landing pads throughout Entlebuch Valley. The PR buzz spread throughout Europe raising awareness of the natural area to more earthbound tourists.


There were so many great travel ads this year, we couldn’t fit them all in the list. Which one was your favourite?