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Meet Lexie Miliatis, Brand USA Trade Manager for Australia & New Zealand

Having travelled to 46 states and road-tripped across 27, Lexie Miliatis has earned her USA expert badge. As the new Brand USA Trade Manager in Australia & New Zealand, she’s now in the driver’s seat as the go-to for Brand USA support, training and events and is ready to steer agents to sell the USA with confidence.

Having travelled to 46 states and road-tripped across 27, Lexie Miliatis has earned her USA expert badge. As the new Brand USA Trade Manager in Australia & New Zealand, she’s now in the driver’s seat as the go-to for Brand USA support, training and events and is ready to steer agents to sell the USA with confidence.

Along with her comprehensive USA travel knowledge, Miliatis also has enviable local insights from living in California, Kentucky and New York. She’s also keen to tick off her travel list with just Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Michigan to go.

And with extensive experience behind the wheel (her fave road trip is from Kentucky to Florida), she’s also perfectly placed to help consultants get more clients exploring the USA on the RoadTrips USA self-drive itineraries.

Lexie Miliatis
Lexie chilling in Central Park – NYC is one of the U.S. cities where she has lived.

Drawing on her retail background with 12 years as a consultant, Sydney-based Miliatis brings her unbridled enthusiasm, knowledge and understanding of the travel trade to her new role.

What does your role as Brand USA Training & Events Manager entail?

My role focuses on ensuring agents have access to support, networks and knowledge in Australia and New Zealand through our USA Discovery Program online training system and various industry training and partnership events throughout the year.

You’re also a Brand USA Ambassador…

Disneyland Resort
Feeling the magic at Disneyland Resort at a Disney 100th anniversary celebration.

We want to make sure agents and consumers have a wide and holistic understanding of the incredible diversity and opportunities available in the U.S.

How does your industry experience and expertise inform your new role?

I started in the travel industry in 2010 after a year of travelling and living abroad. The beauty of this industry is its ever-evolving nature. Working in various retail roles and locations gave me a unique set of experiences and opportunities. I certainly feel that attention to detail, putting people first and learning how to pivot under pressure have been key learnings over the years and will be assets to me in this role.

What do you love about the travel sector?

The travel industry is the perfect example of the beauty that comes when something is reflected through the sum of its parts. It’s the destinations but also the products, suppliers, experiences, food, art, history, diversity and people. It’s the ability to connect through mutual appreciation and respect for the intrepid spirit of travel. For many of us, I think it is an essential part of who we are. I love it here; it’s home.

How will you work with advisors and partners to facilitate training to sell the USA?

Brand USA Lexie Miliatis Alaska Husky
Face-to-face with a husky in Alaska.

For me, the goal is to connect and engage through a shared passion. We want to acknowledge the incredible work done already and enable access to tools and support to empower agents and trade partners to experience all the USA has to offer.

What I’m hearing from agents is since the pandemic, a lot has changed on the ground and as not everyone has been fortunate to get back to the USA, there’s a gap in knowledge around recent updates. So, we want to reconnect with agents and boost their confidence.

We recently launched a Brand USA Agent Survey with an incredible incentive to ensure we deliver training and inspiration in a format that will resonate with them.

Do you have any other specific training or programs to engage and educate agents?

Along with the agent survey and incentive, we recently relaunched the USA Discovery Program. In my experience, it’s a user-friendly education essential in the travel agent toolkit. It also supports sales efforts with materials and resources that agents can share directly with clients.

We have some exciting ways we’re hoping to engage with agents and the travel industry at large and I’m excited to share those in due course.

How crucial are travel agents to Brand USA for promoting and selling the USA?

Brand USA Lexie Miliatis Washington DC
Lexie strikes a capital pose in Washington, DC.

Travel agents are incredible. I think we can all attest to the sheer diligence, support and incredible knowledge of our agent networks. I don’t think there is a group of professionals who are more devoted to customer satisfaction and support than travel agents. They are absolutely crucial to the promotion of the USA as a destination.

What opportunities do you see for Brand USA and U.S. travel in general in 2024 and beyond?

Brand USA Lexie Miliatis Hawaii
Lexie in Hawai’i.

Loads! Offering diversity like nowhere else, I think the opportunities for Brand USA and US travel are as limitless as the destination. With constant evolution within arts, music, sports, culture, culinary and adventure options along with solo travel, road trips, FIT and group travel opportunities, there is always something exciting to experience.

What is your major focus for 2024?

Right now, I am really focused on connecting with the industry at large and reconnecting with my networks as they’ve evolved and changed over the past few years. I’m taking the time to listen to agents and trade partners about what they need and promoting the incredible tools available to support them.

What are you most excited about joining Brand USA?

Brand USA Lexie Miliatis Disneyland 2
Grinning like the Cheshire Cat at Disneyland is how Lexie feels about her new Brand USA role.

I spent the last five years in retail focused on the USA. It was always my passion and I found myself returning time and time again and finding something new and unexpected in every adventure. I was fortunate to go on a Brand USA MegaFam to Las Vegas and Alaska many years ago and I remember thinking: “This is what I want to do”. Having the opportunity to share my deep love for this destination is the most exciting thing about my role as well as being part of this incredible team.

What is your takeaway message for advisors?

Sink in. Don’t just sell travel at surface level – the more you know, the more passion you can share and provide a better experience for your clients. Not only will you create customers for life, but you will find deeper satisfaction in levelling up your knowledge and expertise.

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