Meet the agents shouting 'Trick or Travel' for Halloween bookings

Two Travel Agents from Miranda in Sydney’s ‘Shire’ are planning a random take on 'Trick or treating' this year by door knocking locals with the question ‘Trick or Travel?’ in a bid to get more bookings.

Two Travel Agents from Miranda in Sydney’s ‘Shire’ are planning a random take on ‘Trick or treating’ this year by door knocking locals with the question ‘Trick or Travel?’ in a bid to get more bookings.

Entrepreneurial Travel Agents Kara Zampaddy (34) and Alan McGruff (28) who work at local Travel Agency ‘Miranda Mirage Travel’, plan to go door to door in their neighbourhood on the evening of the 31st of October carrying a fake coffin full of brochures and supplier merchandise.

On the annual ‘spooky’ night usually earmarked for local kids to run amok in scary costumes, harvesting as much chocolate and sugar as they can, Ms Zampaddy and Mr McGruff say that they will instead “Surprise the bejeezus out of locals with something quirky and fun.”

Mr Sergeant, Miranda Mirage Travel

Alan McGruff, Miranda Mirage Travel

Described by Mr McGruff as a ‘Devilishly mini expo of sorts’, The pair plan to knock on people’s doors shouting “Trick or Travel?”, and then attempt to convert the unsuspecting residents to purchase travel on their doorstep.

Speaking exclusively to KarryOn, Ms Zampaddy says she’d like it to go on record that the idea was all Mr McGruff’s.

“Alan’s head is always full of this crazy stuff when it comes to ideas for new customers. I always say to him – what you have you been smoking this time? Initially when he told me about the idea I thought he’d lost it, now i’ve thought about it – I really think he has.”

Kara Zampaddy, Travel Consultant, Miranda Mirage Travel

The 'Earth' Stressball

The ‘Earth’ Stressball

In terms of the plan for the big night, Mr McGruff says it’s all down to “momentum… and a sh’*t load of luck.”

“As they come to answer the door, we’ve got a load of ‘earth’ blue and green stress balls that we’ll throw down the hallway. That’ll get them excited and in the mood for a conversation about travel.” Says Mr McGruff.

“Then (if we haven’t been beaten up) we’ll get to work inspiring them about Earlybird’s and the sizzling hot airfares to Europe for 2018, River cruising, coach touring and heaps more. Jeez we’ve got some ‘scarily good’ specials lined up for the night”. He says.

“No we’re not interested in chocolate as we’re really after bookings, but yes I am partial to the odd Caramello Koala so I guess it won’t be the end of the world if we get a few of those on the night too.” Continues Mr McGruff.

Caramello Koala's are ok too

Caramello Koala’s are ok too

The pair aren’t planning to dress up on the night in Halloween themed costumes, instead favouring their own ‘Miranda Mirage Travel’ blue polyester uniforms.

“Believe me – our uniforms are scary enough” says Ms Zampaddy.

“I am going to wear a pair of those googly eye glasses for effect though and Alan’s borrowed a pair of of plastic fangs from his son, so along with the coffin full of brochures – we should be sweet”, She continues.


Kara Zampaddy’s dog ‘Alysha’ tries the googly glasses for size

When asked what the pair will say if someone says ‘Trick’ in response to their door knocking, Mr McGruff claims he has the perfect come back.

“Oh that’s easy” He says, “we’ll just send them online to one of those big booking sites. That’s a nightmare right there.”

Will you be ‘Trick or travelling?’ this year too? Share your thoughts below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.