There are plenty of ways Travel Agents can show loyalty to a company. Perhaps you can become a top seller of their product or be a regular at their networking events.

If those acts don’t seem enough…you could always get the company’s new tagline tattooed on you body.


Seem unrealistic? Well, we guess it’s time to introduce you to two Travel Agents who did just that.

Candy Meager from Student Flights and James Vernon-Bowers from Flight Centre travelled with Intrepid Travel to India and loved their experience so much that they got themselves Intrepid-inspired tattoos.

Yep. The Be Intrepid tagline resonated so strongly that they now have a permanent reminder.

Candy’s tattoo

Candy Meager said Be Intrepid has become a powerful reminder to her of how to live a life a little less ordinary.

“Be Intrepid’ means everything – being curious, open, challenged and fearless. I had so many preconceived ideas about India which made me worried that I wouldn’t like it. By getting out of my comfort zone, and being intrepid, I proved myself wrong”.

Travel Agent, Candy Meager

James Vernon-Bowers opted to get Be Intrepid tattooed on his wrist in Hindu.

James’ tattoo

“The words Be Intrepid sits in an oddly deep place with me, to be constantly interested in what else there is to do and see in the world, always curious and keen to try new things, and driven to indulge that curiosity” he said.

Like Candy, James was apprehensive about going to India but the trip changed his perceptions.

Travel Agents in Goa with Intrepid.

You know you’ve nailed your branding when it’s powerful enough to make Agents want a permanent reminder of it on their body.

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What’s the craziest tattoo you’ve gotten while travelling? Let us know below.