Travel Advisors will soon have access to 170,000 hotels under one platform when TravelCube (the retail brand of GTA) integrates into Bedsonline to form one mega travel provider.

Revealed this week, the merger will see TravelCube progressively rebrand under the Bedsonline name and shift over to the Bedsonline booking platform.

If you’re an avid TravelCube user, don’t freak out! The integration of brands is good news, according to the Director of Retail Travel Agents at HotelBeds, Alistair Rodger, who says it’ll make it easier for consultants to sell hotel rooms.

How so?

Well, first it’ll increase TravelCube’s hotel portfolio from 55,000 to over 170,000, while transfer routes will increase to 24,000, activities to 18,000 and cars available for hire to 140,000.

The merger will also see TravelCube adopt Bedsonline’s user-friendly technology, which allows consultants to filter and compare results in a “flexible and practical way”. It also has intuitive email and PDF functions.

Alistair said there’ll be even further improvements to the experience in the form of a 360-degree proposition that will offer full growth support to Travel Advisors.


“Already we are speaking with our customers – both existing Bedsonline customers and TravelCube too – in Australia to explain to them how they will benefit from these changes.”

Alistair Rodger, HotelBeds Director of Retail Travel Agents

“Shortly we’ll be hosting a series of events and workshops to present the new enhanced offering.”

Bedsonline will also undergo a global brand refresh including a new logo and identity. Click here to learn more.


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