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MERRY MUSTER: Flight Centre Support Drought-Affected Rural Queensland

Are you feeling helpless to do something about this never-ending drought but don't know where to start? That's exactly how Kristin Bonner felt, before planting the Merry Muster seed and watching it blossom.

Are you feeling helpless to do something about this never-ending drought but don’t know where to start? That’s exactly how Kristin Bonner felt, before planting the Merry Muster seed and watching it blossom.


Well, good news, compassionate changemaker Kristin Bonner from Flight Centre Travel Group is providing that vehicle, and it comes in the shape of a bus!

Kristin thought if she could get a few people together, they could head out to some of the drought-affected areas and assist locals who may need some extra support.

The Merry Muster will be taking place on Friday 6 December, departing Brisbane for the Dalby region at 6.30 am.

“The drought has hit so many rural families hard, including friends of mine, and being a bystander in the city just doesn’t sit well with so many people.”

Kristin Bonner, Event Organiser


What is the Merry Muster?

Merry Muster

The Merry Muster is a day dedicated to taking much-needed supplies and Christmas shopping dollars out to drought-affected rural Queensland.

Kristen and her team will be donating foodbank hampers, drinking water, pet food, computers, and toys to families in need, as well as supporting small business owners by eating, drinking and shopping locally.


An idea that grew

Merry Muster

The Woman behind this incredible project is Kristin Bonner, FCTG Creative Director.

Kristin is a founding member of the FCTG Corporate Social Responsibility team ‘Worldwise’ and has a passion for how her business affects the planet through its own business footprint and that of FCTG customers.

Travelling lots for work has opened her eyes up to both the good and bad of each country, and she feels that it often erases the issues she has here at home.

Growing up in country Victoria, Kristin is familiar with the heartache and devastation of drought.

“The mental toll is simply the worst and many people don’t make it through, taking their own lives and that is the most heartbreaking of all.”

Kristin Bonner, Event Organiser

“I am so humbled by all the support I have received on this project. From a little seed of an idea – taking a few friends out to the country to go shopping in my car, to thinking maybe I could take a minibus if there was enough interest, to posting on the socials ‘who wants to come’ and getting an overwhelming response, it literally grew wings on its own.”

“I have my whole team from Flight Centre attending on the day and Flight Centre is one of the generous sponsors who are supporting the event.” she continued.

“People really want to help they just don’t know how, so I’m very proud to produce the ‘how’ and get them on board.”

Kristin Bonner, Event Organiser

“It’s going to be the best day and I am so excited to share with everyone the video piece we make out of the day. I think this could be a yearly event, maybe even have an overnight option and do even more good.”


On the day

Merry Muster

The Merry Muster will take place on Friday 6 December, departing Brisbane for the Dalby region.

There will be about 55 people attending and tickets have been on sale for $50 per person.

(The price includes morning tea & lunch at local cafes. The remainder goes to drought relief.)

The itinerary:

6:30 am – Depart Brisbane
9.30 am – Arrival at Urban Paddock Cafe, Dalby, for morning tea plus a locally handcrafted goods market
12 noon – Depart for the town of Bell
12.30 pm – Handover of Foodbank goods in Bell and donation of money raised.
1.00 pm – Shopping at the Bell Community Hall, Rusty’s Spice Market and a Christmas lunch at Pips’n’Cherries cafe.
2.30 pm – Depart for Dalby
3.00 pm – Shopping in Dalby Main Street
4.00 pm – Depart for Brisbane
8.00 pm – Arrive at Brisbane

If you would like to purchase a ghost seat for $50 (because you’ll 100% be there in spirit!), please contact Kristen using the platforms below.

For further details, please visit the event pages on Facebook and Insta, and tag #themerrymuster