Australian travellers are depending on Travel Agents as their trusted source of travel and safety advice more than ever before, according to findings by travel insurance company SureSave.

SureSave’s eighth annual Travel Insurance Index found that 76% of Australians view travel agents as ‘a trusted source of travel and safety advice’.

This is an INCREASE of 19% since SureSave’s research began in 2012 when only 57% of respondents viewed agents in this manner.

Head of Agency Sales at SureSave Matt Endycott said it was encouraging to see travellers place such a high importance on agents’ specialised knowledge when booking travel plans.

“Each year, we continue to see a high number of travellers in Australia turning to agents for travel advice.”

Head of Agency Sales at SureSave Matt Endycott

He said whilst there were still people who turn to the internet for help and information, travel agents were highly regarded in the eyes of the general public and overall.

“Travellers really want to maximise the expertise provided by agents, leaning on agents for travel insurance, bookings and complex itineraries,” he said.

Around 38% of Australians used a travel agent to purchase their last overseas leisure trip.

20% of respondents cited the main reason for booking travel through an agent as: “it’s easier to book through a travel agent when booking complex itineraries”.


A further 17% stated that “it’s convenient to book everything through a travel agent”.

23% of Australians sourced their travel insurance policy for their most recent international leisure trip from a travel agency making it the second most popular option behind 26% of Australians who sourced it directly from an insurance company.


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