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Accor expands communications with new staff

Accor has expanded its communications team, with two new appointment Janelle Neeve and Rocky Rosebery.

Accor has expanded its communications team, with two new appointment Janelle Neeve and Rocky Rosebery.


Janelle has stepped into the role of Communications Manager, while Rocky heads up the company’s social media profile as Social Media and Communication Coordinator.

Janelle will assist to implement Accor’s communication strategy, managing events and campaigns to promote Accor and its hotel brands across Australia, Pacific.


Moving across from her current role as Marketing Coordinator, Rocky will manage Accor’s social media presence as well as supporting the communications team to generate traditional media coverage.

The creation of Rocky’s new role recognises the shift towards online media as a news source and the increasing importance of social media for Accor’s brands.

Both report to the Director of Communications Ginni Post.

“We’re excited to see our online channels continue to evolve and develop over the next few months.”

Ginni Post, Accor Director of Communications 

“The additional support for our team, and Janelle’s ability to lead and integrate multiple PR campaigns, will be invaluable as we continue to expand our footprint of hotels.”

Janelle brings a wealth of travel experience to the role, having worked for Tourism New Zealand, in both New Zealand and London, and more recently as Communications Manager for Australian hotel group, TFE Hotels.


Prior to this, Janelle worked agency-side with clients such as Air New Zealand, Expedia and the Northern Territory, as well as for the Department of Families and Community Services promoting the 2015 NSW Women of the Year Awards.

With over five years’ experience working across social media channels within specialist social agencies, Rocky has worked on a variety of consumer engagement campaigns for high-profile tourism clients such as Tourism Australia and Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

Rocky and Janelle will be based at Accor’s corporate office in Sydney, alongside part-time Communications Executive Angela Cowley.

Janelle will be covering Rebecca Freestun’s role while she takes parental leave.

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