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MOVERS & SHAKERS: Meet KARRYON's NEW Digital Marketing Executive

After many solo trips & obtaining two degrees in her early twenties, this impressive young lady joins KARRYON as our new Digital Marketing Executive.

After many solo trips & obtaining two degrees in her early twenties, this impressive young lady joins KARRYON as our new Digital Marketing Executive.

Her name is Linda Tran, and when she isn’t catching up on much-needed sleep, she’s working with KARRYON’s closest partners to produce attractive and record-breaking campaigns.

Linda is a digital genius who has an endless drive to learn more about the marketing landscape. Oh, and did we mention she’s a self-confessed social media-holic who has a history of creating viral content?

Read on to get to know Linda a little better…


How long have you been in the industry?


Simply put, not too long. Having just graduated from my Master of Commerce (Marketing) and working throughout my studies, I was lucky enough to join a travel technology company as my first marketing job within the travel industry.

I started as a Marketing Intern and quickly progressed to the Digital Content and Marketing Coordinator after two years. From here, becoming the Digital Marketing Executive at KARRYON is the next step for me to understand the travel industry to date.


Tell us about your most memorable travel experience?


That’s so hard! I have a number of favourite spots, including Malaysia. I travelled there for a six-week volunteering program as part of a global University group called AIESEC Australia. Probably one of the most eye-opening experiences, as I worked at a children’s home and had the amazing opportunity to explore Malaysia from the north to south.

Then there’s Singapore, which I journeyed to for a three-week global internship with Austern International. It was an interesting and practical opportunity to work alongside peers and startups in Singapore (and I had the chance to eat their delicious Singaporean chilli crab).

Japan also left an impact on me. I holidayed to Japan and found their sushi is TO DIE FOR. The freshest and purest you can get! I also trekked through the magnificent red gates in Kyoto. One word =  WOW.

And finally, New Zealand. The land of the Lord of the Rings is so scenic and UNREAL. Best views and people to be around with and their unbroken views of their nature are STUNNING, to say the least. Definitely be back to our neighbouring country some day soon.


What’s the oddest job you’ve ever had?


Personally, I wouldn’t describe those jobs as weird, but rather as random. Even though I’m still quite young, I started working when I was around the age of 15.

My first job was at a creative photography agency as an intern (while I was in high school) and from there, I progressed and worked over ten jobs (literally) from hustling in retail, hospitality to PR agencies and now, to travel startups.

The most random job would probably be when I found a casual job as a promoter and handing out flyers at Darling Harbour.


Wish list of places to visit?

angkor - cambodia

Image: Cambodia/ Unsplash

A long list, but would like to visit Cambodia for the culinary experience with insects and also, their beautiful, historic architecture. Number two, Korea. Love, LOVE Korean BBQ (and soju), ‘nuff said.


Who was your biggest mentor growing up and why?


My mum. Been through a myriad of triumphs and failures, and she remains the happiest person I know. Her work ethic as a migrant from Vietnam amazes me every day and motivates me to work and always try my best in everything I put my mind into.


How has working in travel changed you?

Working in travel appointment

Working in travel has solidified my love and interest in travelling. Meeting a rainbow of people from diverse cultures and languages opens the mind for acceptance, tolerance and kindness. To live humbly and to enjoy the plethora of art, creativity, flavours and nuances of every culture that I encounter.


What’s your biggest achievement to date?


Being alive. Grateful to be in a happy and supportive environment, both personally and professionally, albeit I may not come from the richest family, I’ve been enriched with a wealth of knowledge from my studies and experiences, and that’s what I believe is important to fulfil one’s peace of mind.


What’s your number one in-flight travel trip?

no to jeans

NEVER WEAR JEANS! Comfort comes first so dress appropriately, that is, wear your sneakers, trackies and jumper because you don’t want to be grumpy when you arrive at your destination from the lack of comfort.


What advice would you give an industry newbie?


Hi-5, I’m a newbie too so join the club. I think the main advice for any jobs within the  industry is to make mistakes, continually question what’s certain and embrace ambiguity. You can only better yourself if you fail and that’s an ongoing lesson regardless if your an industry newbie or a veteran in any professional landscapes.


Join us in welcoming Linda to the KARRYON family.