Come midnight on 31 December 2019 and John Borghetti will wish farewell to more than just another year, as his leadership role with Virgin Australia will officially come to an end.

The Chief Executive and Managing Director of the Virgin Australia Group has advised the airline’s board that he will not renew his contract, which is due to expire on 1 January 2020.

In his 18-month resignation notice, Borghetti said it was a privilege to head up Virgin Australia and its wonderful team of 10,000 people.

He continued, explaining that by notifying the board of his intentions early, he hopes it provides them with enough time to fill his role.

“In the interim, I look forward to continuing in the role of CEO and I remain focused on delivering the goals  of the Virgin Australia Group.”

John Borghetti, Virgin Australia Group Chief Executive & Managing Director

Virgin Australia Group’s Chairman, Elizabeth Byran, said the board is grateful for the generous period Borghetti has provided for the new CEO search, and for his “enormous contribution” during reign.

“I would like to acknowledge John’s enormous contribution to the Virgin Australia Group to date and thank  him for his continued dedication.”

Elizabeth Byran, Virgin Australia Group Chairman

And boy did Borghetti make some enormous contributions to the Aussie carrier over the past eight years.

While there’s too many to name, we’ve collected 4 of Borghetti’s top achievements (according to us) during his time at Virgin Australia:


He saw the airline through a MAJOR rebranding

Borghetti was right there leading the charge as Virgin stripped away the ‘Blue’ and replaced it with a more national and attractive ‘Australia’.


Lead the carrier through the Economic crisis

It was a tough time for the entire aviation industry, and while some carriers struggled to the point of near-collapse, Borghetti’s leadership saw the carrier pushed through strong.


Was named a Companion of the Order of Australia

Virgin Australia

It’s not just those around him that think he’s done a great job over the years, the Queen thought so too early last year when she named him a Companion of the Order of Australia. Click here to read more.


And secured new shareholders & an expansion into China

While some partners slipped away, Borghetti managed to strengthen the carrier’s international relationships by securing new investors that have assisted in the carrier’s expansion into Greater China. Click here to read more.


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What are some other winnings you’d congratulate Borghetti on leading during his time at Virgin Australia?