It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised. InPlace Recruitment’s Kristi Gomm shares what it takes to make your resume stand out from the rest and get you noticed by top recruiters and employers.

Your resume is your most important tool when looking for a job. Having been a recruiter for over 12 years here are a few of my tips you may not have considered to help you secure that all important job interview.

Your resume is a representation of you. It needs to stand out among the crowd and be easy to read.

So let’s get started;

Resume Secrets by Kristi Gomm


1. Experience

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First and foremost, it should come as no secret that recruiters and employers are looking for previous experience in a similar role on your resume (or aptitude to move into the advertised position).

In a perfect world, not having to train a new employee is a huge cost saving for any business.

What you can do:

Ensure that your job title reflects what you do and is a generic/universal title for that particular role.

Some companies like to use fancy, complex names for common roles so it’s advisable to re-word your title to something that will be easily recognised by potential employers.

Apply for roles that match your experience, if you are slightly outside the criteria, outline your reasons for applying in a cover letter.


2. Achievements

Travellers Choice Gold Choice Award Winners

Travellers Choice Gold Choice Award Winners

It’s always a good idea to include a line or two under each position outlining what you have achieved in each role.

This demonstrates what you may be able to contribute in addition to skills.

Particularly if you have a sales or marketing based role, it is a good measure of your capabilities.

What you can do:

Some examples could include;

  • Increased sales by 30% in the corporate market
  • Achieved top sales nationally with revenue of $xxxx
  • Successfully set up a new store location
  • Successfully negotiated 9 new accounts
  • Won Best Domestic Operator (NTIA) 3 years in a row
  • Implemented company website
  • Set up internal training program
  • Saved the company $xxx on recycling


3. Adequate time in each role


Recruiters and employers alike are looking for a certain level of commitment and loyalty when they are reviewing your resume.

Changing jobs every 6 months will bring you a little unwanted scrutiny.

Every potential employers financial investment is significant when they hire a new staff member.

They want to be assured that their new employee will stick around long enough to recoup the money & time they have invested in training you and want to ensure you will fit in well with the existing team.

What you can do:

Obviously there are times when you will need to leave a role earlier than you would have liked.

If you feel your reasons for leaving are justified you could note under the role “Reason for leaving” and outline your reason. E.g. Relocated, Maternity leave, Position made redundant etc.


4. No gaps in your resume

Pic: G Adventures

Pic: G Adventures

Another area of concern for a recruiter or potential employer are gaps in your resume.

You don’t want to appear as if you have something to hide or are leaving out roles on your resume.

What you can do:

As above, list the dates you were not employed and write a brief line on your resume as to your whereabouts. E.g. March 09 – Oct 10 Travelling through Africa. Travelling remember – Is a great thing to have on your resume.


5. Visa status/Work rights


Due to the rigid employment laws in Australia it is always advisable to list your visa status on your resume. E.g. Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Working Holiday Visa etc., particularly if a significant proportion of your previous work experience has been overseas.

What you can do:

If your visa has a time frame allotted to it you should note this at the top of your resume. E.g. Visa Status-457 Visa allowing you to work unrestricted in Australia till Nov 2017 etc.

With just a few small adjustments you can be on your way to securing your next job interview!

What are your perfect resume tips? Share them with us below.