In 1918, a young entrepreneur named Walter Jacobs opened his first car rental business in Chicago with a dozen Model T Fords. Within just five years, the fleet size increased 50-fold and was purchased by John D. Hertz. This business went on to become the household name Hertz.

With a modern and diverse fleet, and over 5,000 locations globally, this year Hertz is celebrating its 100th anniversary. It is also celebrating being voted in by our readers as the Best Car Hire Company in the inaugural KARRYON Awards.

We chatted with Hertz Regional Travel Industry Manager Australia & New Zealand, Maria Pantazis to learn more about the company’s success.

What does winning a KARRYON Industry Award mean to your team?


We are very excited to have been awarded Best Car Hire  Company in the KarryOn Industry Awards for 2018. Receiving this award validates our commitment to delivering great customer experiences, to both our Consumer and Travel Partners, whilst we continue to look at ways to enhance our product offering and to remain a leader in the car rental field.


How do you and your team make an impression to agents and consumers?


Our Teams are committed to our Travel Partners and ensure we offer them the support they require to continuously deliver our product in the most effective and simplified way possible.  We are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer product and service offering whilst providing our Travel Partners with up to date training with the most relevant tools available to simplify the process.


How important is your organisation to the industry?

hertz- mantra - karryon
Hertz is a very experienced and relevant service provider in the Travel Industry offering our customers the ability to fulfil their overall land requirements with ease and professionalism,  a service in which they have learnt to expect and will be delivered.


What is your most memorable travel experience?


There are so many to chose from it’s hard to select one as the Travel Industry offers us so many exciting and new experiences every time we embark on a new travel journey.


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?


The Travel Industry will continue to go from strength to strength with growth predicted in the self-drive market as more customers look to travel and explore independently, the remainder of the year looks exciting! We’re looking forward to building on this year’s success and continue to deliver on the strength of our brand.


Any advice to an individual thinking of joining the industry?

The Travel Industry can be one of the most rewarding careers anyone could embrace, offering a world of many experiences and exciting fields to select from.


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Please join us in congratulating Hertz on a job well done!