Virgin Australia is the domestic airline of choice for our readers. We know this because the carrier was voted in as Best Domestic Airline in the recent KARRYON Awards. Since launching in 2000 Virgin Australia has made its mark is a full-service airline with exceptional customer service.

Virgin Australia’s aim is to deliver “the world’s most engaging, stylish and effortless flying experience”.

We spoke to the airline’s Public Affairs Manager, Operations Libby Armstrong to learn a little more about your favourite domestic carrier.


What does winning a KARRYON Industry Award mean to you/your team/organisation?

We’re honoured to be named Best Domestic Airline by KARRYON. Each day our more than 10,000 team members come to work to deliver the world’s most rewarding travel experience to our guests. For them to receive this recognition from the industry and those who fly with us is truly humbling.


How do you and your team make an impression to agents and consumers? 

We’re renowned for our approach to customer service – it’s what truly sets us apart from our competitors. That customer service extends from our interactions with the travelling public to our partners, suppliers, and industry friends who we do business with every day.


How important is your organisation to the industry?

Virgin Australia’s existence in the domestic aviation industry is paramount to keeping airfares competitive and connecting passengers to the rest of Australia and the world.

We’re proud to shake up new routes that we begin flying – such as Hong Kong. Since Virgin Australia began flying to Hong Kong from Melbourne last year, airfares from Australia to Hong Kong have come down by up to 40 percent.

That opens up travel opportunities for so many people. Bringing competition in any industry is the very essence of the Virgin DNA and we are proud of our competitor spirit and what that means for the industry.


What do you love most about the travel industry?


I love that it makes the world a little more accessible. We’re continually talking about new destinations, products and innovations – it’s exciting and fast-paced.

Travelling to new places broadens your mind and enables you to see things differently. It gives you such a tremendous appreciation of other societies and cultures.


What is your most memorable travel experience? 



There are a lot! However last year my boyfriend and I did a three week trip in Italy and basically covered the entire country.

We ended up in a small town outside of Bologna, called Sasso Marconi, and stayed in a converted horse stable with a woman who couldn’t speak a word of English.

After a day of sight-seeing, we found ourselves in a tiny family-run pizzeria, which by coincidence turned into a karaoke restaurant on the very night we were there… and I LOVE karaoke.

We ended up singing karaoke (I sang That’s Amore to a room full of Italians, what was I thinking?!), dancing and drinking homemade limoncello with the owner and his family. It was something I don’t think I’ll forget in a hurry!


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

I think as technology advances it’ll be really exciting to see how that changes the travel industry. The world is becoming a smaller place and the industry is – slowly but surely – adapting to the new technology which is becoming available. We’re seeing customers wishing to travel with their fingertips and I think in 10-20 years from now things will look very different.


Any advice to an individual thinking of joining the industry?


Do it! There is so much to love. Aviation is particularly exhilarating and fast-paced and if you’ve got the ability to turn on a dime and be nimble, then you should definitely consider a career in aviation.

It’s so multi-faceted and issues-rich, which means no two days are ever the same – or dull!

But on the flip side, there is still so much glamour associated with flying. Not much else compares to the excitement of stepping onto an aircraft knowing that in a few hours’ time you’ll be in a new place, exploring new cultures, eating new food and learning new languages.

Australians are very lucky with the standard of airlines we have here compared to other parts of the world and I feel very proud to work for such an amazing brand that is doing wonderful things for the industry.

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Please join us in congratulating Virgin Australia on a job well done!