The drive behind creating MTA – Mobile Travel Agents was to give Travel Agents the freedom to be their own boss, with backup and support on hand when needed. This home-based model has been a roaring success, with our readers voting MTA in as The Best Mobile Travel Agent Brand in the 2018 KARRYON Awards.

MTA was the founder and is the longest, most experienced business in the Mobile Travel Agent model. The business was created by husband and wife team Roy and Karen Merricks along with their daughter Sara and son Ben more than 18 years ago.

Their network has now grown to include 440 travel professionals comprising advisors, managers, former agency owners and in-house support office staff.

We spoke to MTA’s Co-Managing Director Roy Merricks to learn more about what drives their success.

What does winning a KARRYON Industry Award mean to you and your team?

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The KARRYON industry award presented to MTA provides valued recognition of genuine efforts and levels of success. This award is particularly encouraging for the teams of people who comprise the MTA business, from in-house support to front-line mobile travel advisors.

How do you and your team make an impression?

MTA has a ‘more-than-expected’ philosophy right across the business. Wherever we can add ‘unexpected’ value, we strive to do that. This is particularly evidenced by the level of in-house support office interactions with advisors, and advisors with clients.

How important is your organisation to the industry?


MTA introduced the home-working model to Australia nationally in 2000. Creating that ideal world, where everything could revolve around the way front-line travel advisors always wanted to work … having the freedom to be their own boss with the backup and support to provide the highest level of client experience 24×7.

What do you love most about the travel industry?

The changing nature of this business. I’ve never known an industry where so much happens, so quickly. I love it.

What is your most memorable travel experience?

The next one… we’ve been fortunate to enjoy many experiences but there’s so much to come. Once you involved in this industry it’s hard not to be hooked.

What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

Specifically, the agency distribution channel is alive well and healthy. In fact, it’s growing now stronger than ever and utilised in growing numbers by non-other than younger generations.

Any advice to an individual thinking of joining the industry?

Just do it. It’s always been a popular, exciting career choice, and given it’s proven now that travel advisors are not heading toward extinction, the time is perfect to join the travel industry we all love. Look for a company such as MTA, that can train and mentor you and has specific programs to develop your skills.
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Please join us in congratulating MTA on a job well done!