Contiki’s travel philosophy is simple – to travel with no regrets and make every moment count! It’s a philosophy that clearly resonates with our readers who have voted Contiki in as The Best Youth Product Brand in the inaugural KARRYON Awards.

Contiki aims to offer young travellers local secrets, delivered by a world-class team. The youth touring company offers over 300 itineraries on six different continents.

We chatted with Contiki’s Marketing Director Vanessa Stavrou to find out what makes them so popular.

What does winning a KARRYON Industry Award mean to you and your team?


These awards a testament to the work that goes in to connecting with the industry and supporting our travel agents. We invest in showing our agents that we love them, are here to help teach them, reward them with amazing incentives and give them the tools and assets they need to grow their business. The fact that everyone had to vote individually and we won means the world to us


How do you and your team make an impression to agents and consumers?

Nathaly Naughton our Sales Director and her exceptional army of Sales Managers on the road put agents first. It’s part of our DNA here at the Travel Corporation who pride themselves on being the number one agent friendly holiday company. We work hand in hand with each layer of their business to put plans in place to smash their goals… and we make sure we put a Contiki spin on it having the most amount of fun along the way.


How important is your organisation to the industry?

The industry is so important to us, so we hope in return they feel how we impact their business in a positive way. When you sell a Contiki you can be rest assured your customer will the best time, with a 98% NPS score and 95% referral rate you’ll have a customer for life. A Contiki customer is your future Trafalgar, Insight, or Uniworld customer. Build your relationship with them early.

What do you love most about the travel industry

That we work in an industry that really does impact people’s lives in a positive way. We broaden people’s horizons and connect them to experiences that really do make us better versions of ourselves. How great is it that we are the solution for when people say “I really need a holiday”.


What is your most memorable travel experience?


W Trek

Hiking the W-Trek in Patagonia with my partner. He and I both love hiking and to spend the Christmas holidays together in such a beautiful part of the world was truly a memorable experience.


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

Travel will become more and more accessible, the frequency of trips will increase and the length of stay will decrease, relationship building will be at the core of a brand or retailers success and building that loyalty will drive business success.

Any advice to an individual thinking of joining the industry?


I joined the travel industry at 34 and I only wish I did it sooner! It’s great to work in a want industry instead of need industry but remember to always come back to why would they should choose you and be clear in your purpose and what you offer.


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Please join us in congratulating Contiki on a job well done!