Global Travel Wholesaler Excite Holidays, says Travel Agents are at the heart of everything they do. And it seems their efforts have been recognised, with you, our readers, voting them in as The Best Online Wholesaler in our inaugural KARRYON awards.

We spoke to Excite Holiday’s Executive Director Nicholas Stavropoulos to find out why Excite Holidays is so popular.


What does winning a KARRYON Industry Award mean to Excite? (2)

It’s an absolute honour. Winning this award is a testament to our 16-year strong focus and dedication to providing excellence in the travel industry. It is humbling and truly appreciated. Everyone that works for Excite Holidays comes to work day in and day out wanting to make a difference in the industry. Be it for our agents, our suppliers and partners. We care about those we serve and this award couldn’t be more celebrated. Thank you to everyone who voted for us, to KARRYON and our agents for their daily support.


How do you and your team make an impression to agents?


We excite them and create memorable experiences in almost everything we do. We are made for agents so our core proposition is tailored to them and their needs.

Through our system: by providing better rates, better product and a better service. With over 250,000 hotels, 50,000 activities, and huge variety of transfers including Greek and Fiji Ferry tickets, we ensure we provide ease, accessibility and scale for our booking agents. Our booking engine is developed in-house which means we are able to be flexible in keeping the system up to date. With our dynamic rates and a vast variety of product, agents can ensure they find what they need for their clients in a speedy manner.

Though our customer service: 24 hour around the clock customer service is available to our agents, meaning we are there for them wherever they are in the world and for whatever they may need. We also have a highly experienced sales team on the road in all major areas ensuring we have on ground support.

Though our marketing: Through all forms of our marketing we want to ensure our agents are up to speed with the most relevant site, product and destination information. Most importantly we want them to enjoy consuming it. We built Excite Engage for our agents. It is a hub where agents can find comprehensive destination guides and interesting articles about product and the must do’s and must-sees around the globe. All of the content is written and produced in-house by our marketing and design team. What travellers want in a holiday is changing and we are ensuring our agents have this information on hand so they can tailor to their clients’ needs. We also host our agents at our bespoke VIP events where we immerse them completely in the destination. These aren’t normal events. We are known for overfeeding and bringing a little bit of wow to everything we do.

We have hosted our agents to hip hip yoga, all the way through to line dancing and experiential cooking classes. Again, it is about ensuring our agents have a memorable experience while being educated and re-inspired!


How important is your organisation to the industry? (1)

Excite holidays plays an extremely important role In the wholesale travel vertical. We connect multiple partners to a highly influential and engaged audience of travel bookers and visa versa. We know our importance as the middleman and ensure we do everything we can to service both sides.


What do you love most about the travel industry?

plane in sky

It’s what we offer to the end client. The ability to go on an adventure, escape one’s world for a little while, rejuvenate the soul, and experience something new. Travel connects and brings people together and we love playing our part in that story. Travel changes lives!


What is your most memorable travel experience?


I have plenty. I try and make sure every travel experience has a lasting memory for not only myself but my family. Especially my two beautiful children. Travel makes us all better humans. We learn so much from the experiences we undertake. From the new people we meet along the way, the sights, sounds, smells, colours, lows and highs. All of these things broaden our minds and shape us into better, well-rounded people. Giving my children that education is priceless because it opens them up to different ethnicities, cultures and ways of life.


What do you think the future holds for the travel industry?

booking online

Through the use of big data and clever algorithms, the travel offering will become even easier for the traveller to find what they are really looking for. Ultimately, the more advances we get, the easier it becomes to find and book the perfect vacation.


Any advice to an individual thinking of joining the industry?

rewarding agent

Make sure you love what you do! I am lucky that to this day I still find joy in this industry. The passion is still strong. If you fall in love with the travel industry as I have, you will ultimately work your way up to achieve whatever you put your mind to. The possibilities are endless and I highly encourage anyone wanting to progress in this industry to keep focused, resilient and determined to make a change. Travel is one fruitful and rewarding industry and those who get to work in its world are very fortunate people!


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Please join us in congratulating Excite Holidays on a job well done!