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MYTHBUSTERS: The Bedsonline Edition

With all the fake news in today’s society, it can be hard to crack fact from fiction.

With all the fake news in today’s society, it can be hard to crack fact from fiction.

Who do you trust? What to believe? Where do you find the right information? Well, friends, Bedsonline is here to dispel any fake news that may have surfaced about them and start dishing out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Let’s go.


FAKE NEWS: Bedsonline is available to everyone

FALSE! Bedsonline is exclusive to travel agents only! They aim to be the number one partner for travel professionals, making themselves a one-stop-shop for agents. Impress your clients with an amazing selection of products and services they can’t find themselves.


FAKE NEWS: Bedsonline is a new brand

FALSE! While their recent re-brand in January 2019 may have put Bedsonline in front of a whole new market, they’ve actually been around since 2003! Launched in Europe, they came into the Pacific region in 2017 when they joined forces with TravelCube. Performance sky-rocketed and they’re now the 3rd biggest source market in the APAC region. With this reputable and long-standing history behind them, Bedsonline continues to be the leading global provider exclusively for travel agents.


FAKE NEWS: Bedsonline is just a booking agent

FALSE! Bedsonline is ATAS accredited, making it more than just your run of the mill booking engine. You can lock in your clients’ well-earned trip in confidence knowing that they’re in the hands of a trusted and reputable company. In today’s turbulent state of events this accreditation is more important than ever, so for peace of mind for both your clients and yourself, choose Bedsonline!


FAKE NEWS: Bedsonline is Australian only

FALSE! Did you know Bedsonline is part of the world’s number one bed bank, Hotelbeds? Over 60,000 travel agencies across the globe utilise this platform to book accommodation, transfers, tours and car hire for their clients. The vast selection of their product portfolio (over 180,000 hotels to choose from!) across the world means that you can offer your clients options they’d never thought of!

They have a worldwide team of over 5,000 friendly folks so support and guidance is always just a phone call away.


FAKE NEWS: Bedsonline is hard to use

FALSE! The new and enhanced booking platform has never been easier to use. This powerful tool is intuitive, fast and stable ensuring you’re finding the best option for your clients every time. With strict content guidelines, each property must feature high-quality images and detailed features before they get the green-light on joining the Bedsonline family.

The best part? If you have clients who like to be involved in the planning process, swivel your screen around and work through the options together. With a complete customer-facing system, your clients can feel reassured they are getting the best deal possible!



Did you know Bedsonline nearly doubled its business in 2019?

That’s right, since the launch of their new brand itinerary and booking platform in January 2019, the number of beds sold in the Australian market grew by a massive 40%! Their diverse and competitive product portfolio, easy-to-use and comprehensive booking platform and international accreditations are all key players in the success of Bedsonline.

Now that you’ve heard the facts, what are you waiting for? Head on over to www.bedsonline.com to discover more about how Bedsonline can transform your booking process!