Some people feel most alive when travelling naked, while others get the urge to strip their clothes off to get a money shot at an iconic destination and it’s all part of a growing phenomenon known as ‘nakations’.

Founder of Crooked Compass Lisa Pagotto first came across the term when she had a traveller in one of her groups remove their clothes on the Great Wall of China not once, but twice in different locations.

Why? Because she wanted to strike a pose to get a shot of her baring it all on one of the planet’s most iconic sites.

“Nakation has a couple of variations – there are those who are keen to get their gear off for that ‘money shot’ and then there are those who actually want to travel naked!”

Founder of Crooked Compass Lisa Pagotto

So what’s driving this desire to throw the clothes away? Lisa thinks there are a couple of different reasons.

“Firstly for those keen to get that once off a naked shot at somewhere iconic, that is more for an ego type of thing, perhaps a bit of a buzz,” she said.

“It can be about bragging rights and in the experience I witnessed, it was a competition between two twin sisters to see who could get the best naked shot in the most unique location”.

On the other hand, some people simply want to travel nude. Luckily, such travellers can opt for nude cruises or nude resorts.

Lisa said some travellers crave to feel connected to nature (think naked yoga), or they’re just comfortable in their own skin and aren’t afraid to bare it all.

“For many, being in the nuddy is liberating”.

Founder of Crooked Compass Lisa Pagotto

Lisa said she has noticed that the Caribbean and Spain seem to be the popular places for tourists who want to spend their holidays in the nuddy with resorts solely dedicated to nakations.

Lisa said she wouldn’t go far as to call the Nakation a trend but she does believe travellers are getting a little more exploratory.