Ever had a client who couldn’t tell the difference between Saudi Arabia and Sweden? You’re not alone, which is why we’ve come to realise that Travel Advisors are basically Geography Teachers.

It’s certainly an insight that became glaringly obvious in the last HILARIOUS video from Travel Advisor Sebastian who dishes out real life Travel Advisor goss on his Facebook page.

“Do you know if I wasn’t such a fantastic Travel Agent I would have been an amazing geography teacher,” he said

“I had to teach people geography again this morning. I feel like I am always teaching my clients geography.” Yes, preach. Who else is totally in this boat?

His clients came in and said they wanted 10 nights in Bosnia and another 10 nights in “Hurtoooogovinaaaa”.

“It’s Bosnia and Herzegovina and it’s one country so do you want 20 nights in Sarajevo,” The Advisor asked his clients.

They continued to insist they were right and the Travel Agent was wrong until Google settled the disagreement once and for all.

Just to make it crystal clear he gave them this fabulous example.

“That’s like having 10 nights in New and 10 nights in Zealand so why don’t we just give you 20 nights in Auckland”.

Sebastian the Travel Advisor

Yep, they kind of got it then.

We can be sure there are way more geographical bludners out there.

So Travel Advisors, if you ever need a career change we’re sure the local school would take you on as their Head of Geography!

What’s the funniest geography lesson you’ve had to teach a client?