Details of an exciting new travel agent TV show featuring a fiery host have been leaked to KarryOn by an anonymous source, and we’re not sure if we should be scared or jumping around with excitement.

The new TV show, called “Travel Agency Nightmares!”, will see a Gordon Ramsay-like industry figure make surprise visits to travel agencies around Australia that aren’t performing up to “standards” and turn them around into super-successful stores using his trademark ‘tough’ leadership.

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In many ways, it will be very similar to Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ TV series which sees the aggressive British celebrity chef help struggling restaurants turn their business around.

The only difference being that this time it will be travel agents on the receiving end of the torrent of abusive, not chefs.

It’s unclear at this early stage who exactly this feisty will be. Along with the confidential email exchange given to KarryOn (which does not mention the host by name) was an audio track recorded from the first three episodes of the TV show.

Having listened to the track – all we know is that the host is a man with an Australian accent. So that leaves it pretty wide open for speculation.

Here are some of the recorded snippets from the show that we couldn’t but help share with you:


“These brochures racks are an F’in embarrassment!”

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“That staff member looks like he hasn’t slept all night!”

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“How many stress balls does one even need in a store? It’s like a McDonald’s kid zone in here”

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“Your shop windows are so dirty I feel like I’m looking out at the Sahara desert”

200w_d (19)


“Why is there a Kebab in your drawer? And what is that, a flask of whiskey?”

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Ah, it’s all good stuff and has “hit” smeared all over it just like a travel agency’s front window has deals up the ying-yang.

The revealed snippets contained ‘minimal’ foul language, so it’s unclear at this stage whether the man’s potty mouth will rival or indeed surpass that of Ramsay’s.

But this is the travel industry, after all, so we’re tipping a hell yeah.

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Obviously, the travel agencies featured in the show have been sworn to confidentiality, so good luck finding out who was involved.

But, if you’ve noticed dramatic improvements in performance at a rival agency, then they may have just received the tongue lashing of their lives, and boy is we excited to see it all played out on the telly for us next year – are you?!

“Travel Agency Nightmares!” is expected to hit the airwaves in March next year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously unless you want to that is.