Way to go Thailand! The country’s mountainous island of Phuket has taken a massive step against harmful materials such as plastic & foam being used by tourists to protect its natural shores.

A ‘No Foam, No Plastic’ Memorandum of Understand (MoU) was signed between Phuket’s public and private tourism sectors this week that’ll see the two work together to phase out the two items.

Mission ‘get rid of that harmful crap’ (as dubbed by KARRYON) will begin on 14 February 2019 when local shops and the people are advised to stop using foam containers for food and other items.


Image: Louis Hansel/Unsplash

Following up on 1 October 2019 will be an effort to encourage people to switch over entirely from plastic to paper or eco-friendly bags and straws.

While the popular tourist destination hasn’t come right out and banned the two products like the Galapagos, Jamaica and Fiji’s Royal Davui Island, the move is “an important step in the right direction”, Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Yuthasak Supasorn.

Image: Sagar Chaudhray/Unsplash

“Hopefully, Phuket will be a positive case study that the whole country could follow.”

Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor

“The importance of Phuket as one of Thailand’s most high profile tourist destinations shouldn’t be underestimated.”


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