Nominate A Mate: Club Med Announces Lucky Last Winner

Club Med's amazing 'Nominate A Mate' competition has come to a close, and we're here to announce the last lucky winner of a dreamy Club Med holiday. Could it be you?

Club Med’s amazing ‘Nominate A Mate’ competition has come to a close, and we’re here to announce the last lucky winner of a dreamy Club Med holiday. Could it be you?

Last week saw Club Med’s Nominate a Mate wrap up and the final winning nominee had one incredible story that really tugged at the Club Med team’s heartstrings.

So, without further ado, let’s find out who the final winner is.

Drumroll please…

Winner! Winner!


Today, Club Med is pleased to announce that the last deserving winner of a Club Med holiday is…

Marie Sulda, the Owner of Kaleidoscopic Travel in South Australia

Club Med Nominate A Mate
Marie and her family

Congratulations, Marie!

Marie was nominated by Jane Cormack who is also from the same agency.  Jane told Club Med that Marie was a pillar of strength and a source of constant positivity for her staff as her businesses suffered.

Marie has fostered a real community among her team and nurtured them through this incredibly challenging period and always being cool, calm, and kind. If keeping her business afloat wasn’t enough, the past few months saw Marie thrown some more personal battles, when she suddenly lost her daughter Sienna to a sudden brain aneurysm, suffered while she was at school. 

Through all this turmoil, she still remains resilient and shows the most incredible strength in supporting both her family and her Kaleidoscopic Travel team.  

“Marie continues to bring us together as a team, even if just for a walk and a coffee, and inspires us to focus on the future when borders open. Thanks to Marie, Kaleidoscopic Travel and our group of specialist mobile travel designers will get through these difficult times and be ready to make travel dreams come true when people can get out into the world again.” 

Jane Cormack, Kaleidoscopic Travel

This final nomination of the incredibly deserving Marie marks the end of the Club Med Nominate a Mate initiative.

Over the past month, the team at Club Med has read so many inspiring and moving stories from throughout the industry, and are deeply touched by the resilient spirit of our peers. 

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part and an extra congrats to the holiday receiving nominees!   

Keep your eyes peeled on the Club Med for Travel Agents Facebook Page for more opportunities to win future Club Med Holidays, coming soon!